Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I'm Still Here

So much I'd like to say that I get bogged down with it all, and nothing gets done.  So behind on everything, but then I always am at this time of the year.  David has been around quite a bit, in his 'between university ending and his English internship starting' time.  I commented the other day to him on the amazing amount of 'stuff' he can get done, and he said, well what did you do when you were 28.....And so true.  Where oh where has that young energy gone?

The garden, what part has been planted, is running wild.  And so is the part that hasn't been planted.  The first White Rock farmer's market was on Sunday.  An excellent day, loads of people, sales were good, and I think every vendor would say the same thing.  Almost 90 vendors there, amazing!  Lots of work to be done to keep up stock for the market. 
I only did four markets at Abbotsford this year, and I have 'retired' from there, probably until next Spring.  I must say though,  all four of those markets were excellent.  
We have made a quick trip to Oliver, just two full days there, and I spent much of those days making jam. The rose bush on the west side of the house there was in full bloom.  Just beautiful.  I wish it was planted in a much more visible spot.  It didn't get pruned this Spring, so was a great beautiful sprawling mass. 

 I cut multiple blooms off it and brought them back with us on the Friday, and made some pretty nice bouquets for the Abbotsford market on the Saturday.  These were the last two (the pink roses were from our bushes here.

This post was going to be short and sweet just to let you know that I'm still alive.  One last photo. I finished off this fun sign yesterday to hang over the vegetable table at the market.  Two 50 cent pictures from the thrift store, as well as a bunch of wooden carrots, and and old coat hanger from home.  I love it!


  1. Things can get to be so overwhelming. I have decided to just cut back and see what happens. I keep doing the same thing each year in my yard and I think I will just do less. You are busy for sure. The rose is so wonderful as a larger rose. I have one that is huge and full of blooms this year and I need to get it tied up. Stay strong.

  2. I love your great sprawling Rose bush. It's so full of blooms!! I like your cute sign too.

  3. I figured you were busy. It seems to take longer every year to get "stuff" done that I breezed through at 28! If I recall correctly it was so long ago HA!
    That rose is stunning, I bet you could take some cutting from it and put them elsewhere! :)


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