Saturday, May 14, 2016

Funky and Fun

It's been busy around here.  So much gardening and yard work to do right now, and not enough energy.  Since it seems like Summer has already arrived, I've been trying to get some of my pots and other containers planted up.  Maybe for once I'll actually have a decent display, and have it done before July or August.  Now wouldn't that be something! 

I thought I'd show you some of my funky yard art.  For Christmas last year I asked David if he would make me some sort of funky metal sculpture.  A couple of years before he had made a really cool one for his girlfriend's mother.  We had all sort of heads from gardening tools, and I was imagining them all welded together somehow.  I don't think any welding got done until Christmas Eve (is procrastination hereditary?....) and then on Christmas Day I was informed that it didn't work out with the tool heads.  There had been a lot of crashing and banging earlier while my new funky yard art was arranged on the deck for my Christmas morning viewing.  Not quite what I was expecting, but hey, I can work with it.

The petunia is in a wire 'chair' frame that I already had.  I used moss collected on one of our morning walks.

There were three pieces of funky welding.  The first is that piece at the back of the wagon bed.  I've decided it looks good there, so am going to drill a couple of holes in the back of the rim of the wagon and stick the two ends of the baler tines in the holes. Right now it is just shoved in the dirt.  So it is some sort of pulley wheel, 4 baler tines and four horse shoes.

The next piece is the wagon part of a Red Flyer, welded to the PTO shaft of a piece of farm equipment.   Since it is quite shallow I added the pots to give a few plants a bit more depth, and then filled the wagon up with soil and put some succulents in around the pots. I've just planted them all so am hoping they fill out nicely.  Of course that would require a person to feed and water them in a timely manner.  I'm not sure that person is me, but I'll try....

 The two angle braces are two pieces of a set of fireplace tools, the shovel and the log poker.  All are welded to some other random cog wheel from something or other, who knows what....

The third piece was an old jack, with the base of the fireplace tools set welded to it as a little adjustable shelf.  The base is a lug wrench (Larry saw it and said 'I've been looking for that....') Oops! Four more horse shoes brace the jack and the wrench.  The pot is one my Dad made.  It's a bit precarious on there, I might run a piece of wire around the pot and fasten it tight to the top of the jack.

At the base is a resting rock goose.  The rest of the goose family are at the front of the house.

Still some cleanup to do there by the front door, and the Scottie dog needs a plant.  The little girl has a dog, a cat (peeking around the big planter) and three geese to keep her company. 

I had two dogs keeping me company.  

Please please can you throw our toy.

I think Luna might be catching the little platypus this time.

I was trying to give them each a turn

Jake tends to look slightly crazy doing this sort of thing.

A lovely summer type evening to end a lovely summer type day.


  1. The yard art looks really good! You are good at that. I would not know where to begin adding flowers. Love to see the dogs playing. It's easy to tell they want your attention. I've just caught up with your last two posts. That's amazing about the cat. I would be afraid to call too. He is such a beautiful cat. Getting that air conditioner to work is amazing too. Who would have thought it could be full of cards!!

  2. That is some wild yard art you and your son created. All the horseshoes should mean a very lucky summer for you. You must be just about finished Farmer's Market here in Abb. if I remember correctly. Hope that will free up more time to sit back and relax.

  3. Those Yellow and violet colored Petunias are so very pretty! It also looks like some Martha Washington Geraniums in that one pot toward the back. I am coveting those geese! I love garden art, your son did great! :)


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