Saturday, January 9, 2016

Looking for Dinner?

I was up at the top of the apple tree, getting a bit of pruning in.  I happened to glance to the north, and there was a Bald Eagle sitting about 70 ft. up a cottonwood tree, which is right next to the north chicken coop.

Looks to me like it's eyeing up dinner

I got out of the apple tree, went and got the camera and tried to get closer to get a better picture.  I only had a 5x zoom on the camera.  The eagle was too high, and all I ended up doing was scaring it off.

It ended up landing at the top of the fir tree right next to the house. 
The smart chickens were hiding in the sheep barn or under this cotoneaster bush.

A few, not so smart ones, were still cleaning up under the bird feeder.  That feeder has only been up a couple of weeks, and already the chickens have made a bare patch underneath it.  The rooster, who is usually the first one to shout 'danger, danger!' was out there too. Maybe he's slacking at his job in his old age.  

 In the meantime the eagle flew back to the other cottonwood by the chicken coop.
I walked up another field trying for a better picture angle.

Once again it flew off.

This time for parts north.  Hopefully it found dinner that way.

A lovely sunny, mild day today. 
Loving that blue sky:)


  1. Wow! I would love to see a real live bald eagle. But I can see why the chickies should hide! Lynn

  2. I'm sure glad none of your chickens became his dinner.
    Today sure was an absolutely awesome January day!! Saw swans on our walk.

  3. Me too...would love to see a bald eagle. Chickens tickle me running for cover. Around here it is the guineas that send out the warnings when a hawk flies over.

  4. They are buggers, they will take what ever moves or died in the ditch. Not my favorite bird:(


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