Sunday, November 16, 2014

Back Home Again

It's always tough to write a post after you have been missing in action for a few weeks.  Where do you start?  I suppose it would be logical to start with the main reason I didn't blog.  Meredith and I went to Ontario for 10 days to visit my sister and her family.  We had a great time.  We did some sightseeing, lots of walking, and lots of laughing.

And it wasn't even a holiday away from dogs and cats, as my sister has three dogs, and one cat who thinks he is a dog.

Most of the walking was to exercise the dogs.  Cathy walks fast.  I have a hip or two that bother me at times, and a knee that doesn't like to be left out, so after the first day and it's long, very fast walk, I was limping.  I think I passed on the walks the next day, and after that the speed was dropped a notch, and I did alright from then on.

Here we are walking along the Rideau River.  Two mothers and their daughters, and from left to right....Dasher, Harlow aka Brutus aka Moose, and Toby.


Dasher is a 12 year old border collie/something or other mix, Harlow is a black lab/golden retriever cross who started out as a future guide dog for the blind. She is now destined to be a brood bitch, eventually producing puppies who will go on to be guide dogs or assistance dogs.  Cathy has raised two previous pups, one who is now guiding a visually impaired man in Toronto, and the other is trained as an assistance dog and is waiting to be matched up with the right person.
Last but not least is Toby, a border collie/bernese mix, who has lost most of his hearing and some of his sight, and is a grand 14 1/2.  I've got to admit, they all walk better on leashes than my dogs.




Harlow and Leroy waiting at the screen door


Leroy thinks Harlow's bed is his.


He is quite the character.


He and Meredith seemed to hit it off.  He may think he is a dog, but he can certainly recognize a cat person when he is laying on one.


  1. Good for you! Glad you got to see your sister! I see you have those leashes that drive me nuts...maybe I have a faulty one...I have to leave out the line and hold it or it whips right back in the thingy...perhaps I am leash challenged. Quite a menagerie there:)

  2. I'm glad you're home cause I've missed your posts. It is such fun to visit a sister! You both have pretty daughters. And, such sweet dogs. We have one of those leashes too that I've never used. I'm not sure I know how. Anyway, welcome home!

  3. Glad to here you did not go through dog withdrawal and had a good visit. I have a friend that I don't care walking with, she is a runner and loves to walk fast, too fast for me!


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