Monday, June 9, 2014

Salmonberry Season

It's that time of year, and if we hadn't noticed that the salmonberries have started to ripen, Calli is sure to let us know.  The season is in full swing right now, so it makes for kind of a slow walk through the bush in the morning.


Calli expects to get her quota, and sometimes we use them like the proverbial carrot, tempting her with one in our hand to keep her moving along.


I guess her eyesight must be fading because she can't seem to catch a tossed one like she used to.


All the dogs will pick their own, with Calli spending the most time looking for them (it's that Lab 'bottomless pit' thing), and Luna would be next.  Jake spends the least amount of time picking for himself, but certainly doesn't turn them down if you pick them for him.


Sometimes a girl has to get up on her hind legs to reach the best ones.



  1. How cool. We never tasted those berries
    Lily & Edward

  2. Thank you for the heads up re salmon berries, Karen!
    I'm going to look tomorrow here nearby.

  3. Count me in with Lily & Edward - I've never tasted them either. Are they like raspberries?

    1. They don't taste as good as raspberries, but I'm sure they are in the same family. Salmonberry jelly tastes closer to raspberry jelly, than a salmonberry does to a raspberry, if that makes sense.

  4. How neat! I will have to take a nature walk and see if I can find some in my area! Sorry to have missed your lovely eggs at the market last week! Hopefully this week I can get some! My usual 4 dozen ;)

    1. glad I came early today! happy to have your wonderful eggs again! i'm excited to try the salmonberry jam that I bought today as I have never tried them before!

  5. They must taste great! We are getting lots of rain so the raspberries and the skeeters will be out soon. Thanks for the get well wishes. I was well behaved this sick to protest anything:0


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