Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Just because I can

The smart phone learning curve has levelled off a bit. I no longer feel the urge to chuck it out of the window at times. Between me, Meredith and google I'm figuring things out.
We are in Oliver right now. Courtesy of the library's Wifi, I'm sending an email to blogger that should appear as a post, complete with pictures. The pictures will be smaller and I'm not sure how they will be placed.  We made multiple stops on the trip here.  I took the dogs for a walk along a dyke while Larry laid back in the car seat and put four different sets of drops in his eyes. The cataract surgery has upset his Fuch's Dystrophy, so the eye will take longer to clear up. Thankfully we didn't meet any bears on our walk.  The climbing rose is in full bloom, and the potatoes and beets have recovered from their hailstorm beating and have grown quite a bit in the last three weeks.    


  1. Okay, just about at a chucking out of the window moment. Couldn't remember how to add pictures to gmail. Then figured when I tried it before, I had started with a picture and then added text, instead of starting with text and trying to add pictures.

  2. Okay, I tried sending the pictures in another email, and so far they haven't shown up. I need a drink! Back to the drawing board I think.

  3. Well you got a post anyway and I see the pics are a seperate post...sooner or later you will get it figured out. Good to hear the Larry's Cat Surgery went ok...hope he recovers quickly:)


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