Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Three Day Snowstorm

Well the meteorologists messed up this time.  It was supposed to be raining yesterday.  Oh no, it didn't rain, it just kept on snowing.  All day.  At 5pm there was 13 inches, and it snowed for a few more hours, and then cleared off overnight.  That meant it froze overnight, and then we woke up this morning to this.


Time to take photos and try to capture all that glitter and sparkle.   Sometimes I was sort of successful.


Looking over our hay field and the neighbour's field.


And back at the house.  Look at that blue ski!  We don't often get those brilliantly blue skies.  Being not far from the ocean adds a lot of moisture to our air, and often there is a very thin haze or high cloud.


Jake and Luna had fun.  We didn't take Calli, it was just too deep for her back legs to handle.




It was good to have a trailbreaker with tall boots.  It wasn't very deep right here...


But other places were, and my boots were shorter, just like me, and of course I ended up with wet socks.


A race up the bush field


Looking over the back hay field towards the house.


An 'arty' shot


An icicle hanging off that branch.  The camera didn't like this shot, it didn't want to focus.  I finally seemed to get the settings sorted out, and the icicle fell off the branch right in front of my eyes:)  At least one shot turned out half decent.


The snow had flattened parts of the undergrowth.  Normally we would have been looking through the salmonberry bushes here, not over them.


It was just so darn pretty, although the wind had knocked a lot of the snow off the trees in the more exposed areas.


You called?


It was a tough slog though, I was wishing I could bound through the snow like the dogs.  I'll bet they were tired too, it was hard work, and they went much farther than us.  Some snow shoes would have been handy:)



  1. Oh, what a pretty snow! I love the pictures! 13 inches is a lot. I am still ready and waiting for spring!

  2. Gorgeous. We have lots of rain headed our way
    Lily & Edward

  3. Looks like the dogs had a grand time! You took some very nice photos! :)

  4. Stunning blue sky! Man those dogs look happy. glad to see you posted about the beauty of the storm

  5. There you go stealing my snow again! :) Your pups look so happy enjoying all that snow. I know the frustration of trying to capture the beauty of fresh snow with a camera...love the photos, you did good!
    Salmon berries...do you make jelly with those? We have two kinds of Salmon Berries and they both make delicious jellies.

    1. Well I guess we sort of have two kinds of Salmonberries too. Some are orangey red and some are orangey yellow:) I pick both colours together, and yes I do make jelly. It's always funny to see someone look at the jar, and you can tell they are almost scared to ask what Salmonberry is! Of course there are lots of people that DO know what Salmonberries are.

  6. I love your snowy pictures ..... It looks so beautiful! Even though I'm past being excited about winter, here in Wisconsin, I still enjoy good pictures of snowy places. Good Job! OK...now on to spring ... right??? :o)


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