Monday, July 29, 2013

Mini Golf(er)

The weekend before last we went to a family gathering and early birthday party for my great or grand nephew (well he's both great and grand) Andrew.  He was just about to turn two.  It was a golf themed birthday party, with a golf ball cake made by his dad and grandma.


Andrew was impressed, or maybe just excited.  After all, when you are two years minus three days, and an up and coming golfer, who wouldn't be impressed and excited by that giant golf ball.


There were little golf greens cupcakes with mini ostrich eggs golf balls for those that wanted them.  Which would be most of the kids, and some of the adults too.


And here's why the party was golf themed.  His mum took this video

Notice that he can hit it both off the tee and also the rough.  Just too cute isn't he?  I took this video when we were there.  I think he's training his mum as his caddy.  Don't you love how he hands his club off to her at the end, when he gets distracted by the bucket of balls?

Here's Andrew with his coach and his caddy and groupie crowd of one.  Sweet family.  


And fifteen or twenty years from now....remember that you saw him here first!


  1. Happy birthday, Andrew - you are a cutie as well as a budding golfer! Such sweet photos.

  2. A lefty with a hook :0) I watched the wee golfer, but after that was a video of the dogs using a magnetic screen that they could open and it closed with magnets. Where did you get that?

    1. We have two. The first one I found in the dollar store in Oliver early in the year. $3. I think it was probably left over stock from some other store from the summer before. The second one I found in a thrift store ($2.50). They are great, I don't know how we have survived this long without them! Looks like I got a couple of real bargains too:) I googled magnetic screen door and found this|sm|go|gn&a_aid=011&a_bid=76367096. It comes with velcro to fasten it to the door frame, or big tacks. We used the tacks, and folded the extra mesh over and pushed a tack through it. The thrift store one didn't have anything, so I used a few small screws. I did have to fiddle around a bit to make sure that they were hanging straight, both halves lined up properly, but when you get it right it works like a charm.

  3. With a swing like that Andrew will be a pro golfer before ya know it ! Great photos and videos ! Such a cutie pie ! Oh the cake and goodies look YUMMY ! Thanks for sharing . Have a great week !

  4. What a swing! I so enjoyed the video..I imagine it keeps him busy..and he is good at it too! Cute cake!:)


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