Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Craigslist Score!

Quite often I waste time at the computer browse through our local Craigslist ads.  Last night I was pretty excited to see an ad for 30 lbs of chicken feet from pasture raised meat birds.  30 lbs for $25.  A raw dog food feeder's dream. I picked them up this morning.  30 lbs is a lot of feet.  It's hard to tell by the photo, but that box of feet is quite deep.


Here's a close up of the top of the foot.


And here's the bottom.  Kind of a bit creepy aren't they.  They make me think of starfish or octopuses. 


I've been laying them on cookie sheets and trying to freeze them individually.  It's taking a long time to get them all done.  I thought about trying to count them at one point, but there are way too many. Not that I can't count that high, in case you were wondering:).  The dogs have eaten a few today, they give them the thumbs up.  I'm wondering if they might start thinking of those chicken legs walking around out there in the field a little differently from now on?

And me, well I'm starting to find them really creepy.  They are looking more and more like dead hands.  Maybe like witches hands.  Haunted house prop maybe.


  1. Actually, those feet are a bit creepy. I thought "human hands" immediately! Wishing the pups bon appetite though!

  2. Really enjoyed the flow of your creativity this morning.
    First smiles of the day! Thank You.

  3. Yummy..I am sure the chicken raisers would just as soon sell them as bury them:)

  4. That is one this I am quite sure I would never see on CL
    :P I bet they think it's candy!! (yup, creepy candy)

  5. Very cool! Those ought to give the dogs some nice shiny teeth! Ryker is feasting on duck necks today.


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