Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thrifty Thursday

Early Tuesday morning when I picked up the chicken feet, I also picked up 110 lbs of raspberries, and then continued on to buy some canning jars.  It wasn't hard to convince myself that the thrift store was really on my way home, and I really should stop and see if there was something that I couldn't live without.  And of course there was.  It was forecast to be a very warm day, and I thought I'd look for another fan.  And there was, only one, $5.


It came in very handy that afternoon when the temperature soared and I was making jam.  I had it pointed right at me the whole time.


As I wandered up and down the aisles, one of the volunteers was putting more stuff out.  In the pet and gardening section he dropped this mass of mesh.  I picked up and suddenly realized what it was, right as he told me it was a screen door.  Have you ever seen one of those doors that fastens in the middle with magnets? $3


It works like this. Awesome!

  And then in the same section I found this dog brush. $1


We have one or two something like this already, but not with the cool feature this brush has.  Push the button on the back and the surface lifts up and lifts the hair right off the bristles.  Another awesome.  I usually manage to catch one of those thin wire bristles under a finger nail when I'm trying to get the hair out.


I guess I should have called this Thrifty Tuesday.

Oh yeah, can you see those steps outside the screen door, whose 4x4's have rotted along the front edge?
A while back I got another Craigslist score.  A whole bunch of free treated 4x4's and landscape ties in good condition.  And they were located just a mile away from us.  Enough to fix those steps and replace a rotting retaining wall at the front of the house.  You know you've lived in a place a long time when projects you did after you moved in need doing again.  The only thing is we were much younger and more energetic back then.


  1. I hear you about the younger and more energetic! You got some real finds on Tuesday! I love a good deal...and am in need of a fan today too!

  2. Great finds ! The doorway screen I have seen on TV commercials , To many bugs here for us to use them . Thanks for sharing ! It has been very hot and humid here to ! Some days the humidex was hitting 44°C NASTY ! Have a good day and stay cool !


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