Friday, April 26, 2013

In The Frame

We've lucked out and had sunny weather from Sunday afternoon until lunchtime today.  Rain is coming, just in time for me at the market tomorrow morning:(
The early morning light was so beautiful.  This is looking through the double pane of the back door.  Did catch some reflection from inside, but avoided the dog nose and cat paw produced 'frosted' glass near the bottom of the door.


I seeded some basil under that plastic tunnel on Wednesday.  Hopefully there will be enough heat created under there to get it germinating.


  1. Such a lovely photo! Love the sunshine coming through :)

  2. Have you made all the Jam and sewed all you wanted to sew? Have fun at market! :)

    1. Umm, sewing, what's that. I've been picking away at cleaning up my sewing room. Not done yet, but I guess I could actually get something sewn now. Did get 8 varieties of jam made this week though, and I did carry some over from last year, so the selection is half decent.

  3. That picture makes me smile!

  4. Neat the light.


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