Thursday, November 29, 2012


A couple of weeks ago when I was visiting my mum, she made a comment about November...two births and two deaths.   Mine and Meredith's births are the 6th and 23rd of this month.  My dad died 26 years ago today (29th), and my maternal grandmother died this month also, 24 years ago, although my mother didn't remember the day.  The past few days I've been sorting through some of the paperwork that we shoved into a big box when we were clearing my mum's place up in the Spring.  Lo and behold I came upon information regarding my grandmother's death.  She died on my birthday:(  That just seems weird and kind of sad, and I don't recall ever knowing that.  My dad died young, only 61, and I'm not that far off that age myself.   It makes me realize how young my dad was, and it seems so unfair.  He missed so much.

In that pile of paperwork I came across three recommendations that my dad must have brought with him when he came to Canada in April of 1963.  I had to chuckle at the wording of this one.    He obviously didn't come to work drunk,  got there on time and put in a full day:)


                               He was fun loving guy and was game to try just about anything.



He was a bricklayer for 13 years in Canada before making a major life change when he was 51. 
Ten years later he died out on his sailboat.  Meredith was two years old.
I wish my kids could have grown up knowing him.


  1. My grandmother and I were Capricorns and my great grandmother died on my birthday.
    Like the certificate "sober habits"
    It is a shame that the kids didn't get to know your father. Grandparents are the best.

  2. Happy Birthday to you and Meredith a few days late! So sad that your Grandma died on your birthday..
    I enjoyed the old photos of your Dad, what fun he was. It is too bad he died so young. 61 I am that age used to be old ..when I was seventy seems old. Eighty seems like really elderly:)

  3. The fifties must have been heavy drinking years! I know smoking was very popular then. I never got to know my Grandparents as they passed either before my birth or shortly thereafter. I think Grandparents are so special!
    Belated Birthday wishes to you and Meredith.


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