Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Morning Humour

I needed a laugh this morning....and got it:)

Here's the followup

And the t-shirt

An update on the chicken situation - We found another body in the morning, so a total of 6 dead.  After a search along the fence line, we found feathers, and one horizontal wire on the fence that was broken, which created a hole big enough for a coyote to get through.  No doubt it or them were coming in and out all week while there we were away and there were no dogs here.  So our job this winter is to clear all the brush and the thorny blackberry vines away from our side, and reinforce the whole 200' fence line.  In the meantime the few hens that are left there will remain fenced into the smaller area.


  1. Sorry to hear about your chickens . life on the farm eh ? OMG! was this women on crack or what lol Thanks for the laugh I think she is like a deer in the head lights stunned ahaha ! Have a good day !

  2. She must be an idiot!

    Hope the rest of your chickens stay safe:)


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