Monday, November 19, 2012

Real Men Wear Pink

This past week we have been picking away at cleaning up the spare bedroom.  That would be pushing it to call it the spare bedroom, as it doesn't even have a bed in it.  We took the bed to Oliver.  Might as well call it the junk room, as that was where everything goes that we didn't really have a proper place for.  
Including things like this.

When our dog club puts on an agility trial or a flyball tournament, we always have a raffle table.  Club members donate, or get other people to donate, 'things'.  Some of those things are items that you might have won somewhere else, and have no use for, hence the Snuggie.   A bunch of items are grouped together in a basket.  Quite often you put a ticket in the bag next to the item because there is ONE thing in that basket that you want.  I know it wasn't the Snuggie that I was hoping to win.
Since we don't have any dogs the right size, 
Nelson was 'volunteered' to try it on.

He wasn't impressed, but Luna found it all pretty interesting.
Luna finds him interesting whether he is dressed in pink or not.

He did some high stepping before just giving in and laying down

'Let me outside, I'd like to show the rest of the neighbourhood my new outfit'

In the end, I picked the cat hairs off it, shoved it back in the box, and will probably donate the Snuggie back for the next raffle table.


  1. Pretty kitty in pink ! Cute photos. Have a good day !

  2. We have a Snuggie bed. My Lily is in it every single day
    Benny & Lily

  3. Nelson is looking good in pink..but a bit disgusted ..poor guy:)

  4. You do look a bit silly Nelson! I ham=ve never been a fan of the snuggie, much prefer the old blanket.
    Now that you have another house you can spreadout your junk!

  5. Ryker, we are doing just that. As we clean and sort out, we add to the 'this can go to Oliver' pile:) We have thrown some things out and I dropped a trunk load off at the thrift store yesterday.


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