Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween, a few days late.

 We spent Halloween in Oliver.  I did manage to speak to a neighbour and get some idea of how many kids to expect.  He told he they had 30 last year, and about 70 the year before.  So we bought a box of 90 mini chocolate bars, and were quite prepared to turn out the lights if we ran out of candy.  Of course there weren't quite 90 in that box by the time the kids started coming around, but since we only had to hand out candy to 17 of them, there were a few bars left at end anyway. 
Before dark I had a bit of fun with the dogs.  Calli thought it was all rather boring, wearing my hat and posing by the dorky looking pumpkin

If you can get her into the right position though, she'll stay there forever.

So then I tried for a threesome.  
Yes, the petunias are still blooming.  There were two pots of petunias that had been left dry for a couple of weeks before we got there the first time, and I figured they were dead.  I guess not, as even they had perked up and were showing signs of life.  I had thought that Oliver had had some below freezing nights, but obviously not in our little spot.  I even picked a ripe tomato off the sad looking plants that morning.
I didn't place Luna very well... she looks like that pumpkin stalk is coming out of her mouth.

So then I added in my other Halloween prop.
Luna - Is that you under there Jake...what the h*ll is that thing on your head?

Jake - I'm getting a little bug eyed here, can you get this thing off me?

Luna and Jake - Where IS that squirrel you keep talking about?

Jake - I think you're playing with us

 Calli - I'll just maintain my regal pose.  Do you realize that pumpkin looks like it's sitting on my back?

Jake and Calli - Are we done yet?
Luna - I'm still looking for that squirrel

Karen - Okaaayyy!  Good dogs!


  1. I love your photos! I think they reveal the different personalities of the pups!


  2. Love your pooches . Great photos ! Have a good day !

  3. Great photo shoot they all did great! :)

  4. Calli looks quite regal in these pics :0)


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