Thursday, November 8, 2012

Frost on the Pumpkins

Thursday morning was the coldest morning so far.  Lots of frost, which only makes sense as we are on the downhill slide to the shortest day and the start of winter.  This is the biggest pumpkin I've ever grown, but it sure wouldn't win any prizes. Not that I've ever been much into growing pumpkins.  If I actually started my own from seed, I'd probably have more luck.  This was a plant I bought, and it sat there and did absolutely nothing for weeks after I planted it.  Finally the darn plant got things figured out and eventually produced these two measly pumpkins. The big one's not even ripe yet, and is just going to become sheep or chicken feed I guess.

Frost on the dahlias too, but still not enough to kill the plants off.

Gorgeous colours on the blueberry bushes

The kind of morning that makes you late for work because you can't figure out where you put that d*mn ice scraper

We have maple leaves everywhere

And if we have frost, it probably means the sky is clear and we don't need rain hats or umbrellas because we have sun!
We have maple leaves (Is this Texas?) big enough to serve as either though.

The Old Ewe is still hanging in there.  Getting special treatment.  One day at a time

And when we walked through our back bush this morning.....we saw bear poop!
Looked like Mr. Bear had been helping himself to some one's apple tree.
I'll be talking loudly if we walk through there tomorrow morning.


  1. Beautiful pictures. To bad the frost is hurting those punk ins. The flowers are beautiful
    Benny & Lily

  2. Lovely close up pictures! Lovely Fall colors. And, those are some whopper Maple leaves! Wowser....I didn't know they came that BIG!
    I am happy Old Ewe is with us. There is an old wether at the ranch where I work my dogs. I think it is his last year, too. But, he doesn't get the special treatment your ewe does :0(

  3. I went to the ranch today. Old Grumpy #2 had passed away :0( Made me sad.

  4. I love the frost photos and the dogs with their maple leaf hats are super funny! Tough dahlia's you have there. I am also pleased to see the old ewe having a nosh.
    Bet that bear is enjoying some fermenting apples and getting a little silly.


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