Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One Chick, Two Chick, Red Chick, Blue Chick

The two chicks are doing well, but they have lost all their fluffy cuteness.  I added the dog x-pen onto the wire crate, but the hen has been getting out more frequently, so every once in a while they all get out for some wandering.

Yesterday I  let them out for quite a while, and mum took them on a real walkabout

One chick in particular is getting some red colouring.  It will be interesting to see how she (positive thinking here, although SHE is bigger than the other one) turns out.  The other one doesn't have any blue, but has a few small flecks of black on her back.  The dad rooster is mainly black, so you would think they would end up with quite a bit of colour.

The dogs or Smudge the cat don't bother them.  Luna fixates on the hen the odd time.  Yesterday she must have got a little close, as the hen chased her half way across the back yard.  Yep, those hens can get pretty aggressive if they think their chicks are in danger.

I think a goose must have snuck in with the chickens the other day.  Look at the size of that egg, yeee-ouch:(  The two smaller ones are actually jumbo sized eggs, just to give you some perspective.

And that's what my lovely fingers look like for most of the summer, all nicely stained from the gardening and the fruit for the jam.


  1. Holy egg yolks!! Those kids got big
    Benny & Lily

  2. Wow, those are some big eggs! Don't think I'd like being chased by an angry hen, though!
    Bet they taste great scrambled in butter!
    Your buddy,

  3. They be workin' hands, they be! My hands are like that in winter, with all of the lambing, cold weather and chap that comes with it.

    Those chickes have gotten so big! They had a nice dander!


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