Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And a Stress Reliever....

It was a nice walk this morning.

The dogs wait after I have opened the gate.
Jake has the softest fur, and this picture makes me just want to bury my hands in it.

And they're off...

And they're back

Yesterday Larry took the tractor and brush mower down the trail and through the field.  We also went in there with a set of hedge shears each and beat back the vegetation.
It's a totally civilized trail now.

Larry said that he wanted to mow the trail so that Luna didn't get as many of those little burr thingies stuck in her hair.
Weird, this morning she ended up with the most I've ever seen. 

These ones are easy as they more or less brush out.  It's the ones in her armpits and the belly hair and her britches that are a struggle, as she hates you brushing there.  I'm not looking forward  to that fight.


  1. Poor Luna! Those things are really annoying whenever they get stuck to your clothes!

    Thanks so much for that website, I had a good read. I found a club, but it's quite far away, but I wouldn't have found it without you so thanks very much!

  2. I know I am totally biased and color doesn't really matter, but good grief do I love Jake's coloring. I'm a total sucker for red tri Aussies, and he's about as close as a BC can get to it.

    I've been so bad about taking the dogs in the woods this year. I just can't deal with the idea of ticks lately... or burdocks.

  3. We have "dirt" and "foxtails." Love the green.

  4. We have those miserable little things too. Every night the Duchess is pulling them out of my fur!

    Emma Rose

  5. Thankfully here, ticks are a minor issue.

    Love the green too, I would have a hard time living without it. Even if we get snow, it is pretty to look at at first, but before long I am missing the greens and browns. It is a rare winter that our grass doesn't stay relatively green. We are drying out now with our extended sunny spell, but it is mostly green still. And green has always been my favourite colour:)


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