Monday, July 26, 2010

Aftermath of Saturday's Bush Run

The dogs were all hot and panting at the end of their bush walk, so I encouraged them to go in the water hole, or what's left of it.  Big mistake!
Well not so bad for the border collies, as they are agile and can leap over the worst of the mud around the edge.  Not so for Calli.  She kind of floundered around on her way out.  I thought it was just dirty water, and she would dry, but I was out of luck on that one.
(And you can see those impatiens still haven't moved)

So more drastic measures were called for.  You can see that she has some feeling in the skin back there.  The acupuncturist did explain to me how the nerves to the skin were different to the ones to the muscles.  See Calli's Story

More power was needed

Good thing she has a decent Stay, as it was only me, camera in one hand and hose in the other.

But finally she had had enough.

Meanwhile, Luna, the hose crazy dog, had been waiting patiently.
Hey, that's my eye

I'll start back from here

Head around to one side.

See if I can sneak in and get that hose

I'm cutting in under the spray

Ooof, darn woman, ya got me in the eye again!

Let's call it a truce!

Hey, you're making it spray again

oooh, look, you're making diamonds!

But here's a lovely daylily that needs watering

Darn flowers, spoiling all my fun!


  1. My dogs end up looking like that a lot. I'm a bad mom, I generally don't even bother with the hose (too much work hooking it up here) - when they dry it just flakes right off. Someday I'll wish I had dogs with that kind of coat again.

    I love that picture of Luna with her mouth wide open leaping in the air at the stream of water. It's definitely my favorite.

  2. husband and I chuckled at the photos. Our lab would be just like Cali. Kilt and Luna must have some sort of kinship. :0)


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