Sunday, November 22, 2020

Oliver in November

A few customers asked us if we were going away after the farmers market was finished.  By that they were meaning somewhere warm, lol!  Well, no, we don't, we have two old dogs that can't easily be left, and a few other animal commitments as well.  And then this year there is the added Covid pandemic, so who really wants to by flying anywhere right now.  Not us, that's for sure.  
What we do have is a vacation spot in the South Okanagan, so that's our little escape.
We went there on November 6th, which just happens to be someone's 39th birthday, hahaha!

That person planned her own birthday meal and made this the morning we left.  A simple but tasty dish made with a lot of eggs and some sausages and home grown tomatoes.  The artist wishes she had put a bit more effort and used some kale or something to make a stem and leaves for that tomato flower.

Home grown pickled beets, figs, fermented veggie mix, chow chow relish and one of our russet apples rounded out the plate.

Home grown baked Comice pears with homemade green tomato mincemeat for dessert! One of us likes coconut milk with theirs. 

The weather was mostly sunny when we were there, but not warm, and an icy wind at times.  Just above freezing during the day and just below at night.
Dog walks and bike rides filled our days.

Walking south through a somewhat shaded area.  Jake has trouble with the low sun shining in his eyes, so we did the shady side as we headed toward the sun.

So pretty with the sun shining on the yellow leaves

The Okanagan River looking south.

And then looking north.  There were spawning salmon heading upstream.

Pretty leaves in the park on our bike ride in the afternoon.

And a really spectacular mountain ash.

A sculpture in a little park along the road.  In the area next to where there used to be a nice campsite along the river under the trees.  Now it's a hotel.  They asked for input for this little park.  I said to please leave all the large shade trees.  Oliver gets very hot in the summer, and shade is welcome.  They cut down all the trees.  I just shake my head, idiots.

The next day we headed north up along the river.  I forgot all about Jake and the sun in his eyes, oops.

The beavers have been very active.

Jake needed a little help.  Then Larry caught his foot on something and almost fell while lifting Jake.  Both old guys survived!

More beaver architecture.

I took a picture four years ago of Jake on this rock.  It was better than this one, lol. He's heading towards 16 1/2 now, and doing decently, all things considered.

Luna will be 13 at the beginning of  December.  Hard to believe.

Sasquatch on a log.

On our bike ride in the afternoon we met a horse!

Larry checked the sex, and the mare checked the saddle bags for treats.

The next morning we headed home, but snow was in the forecast and we had a few stops to make first.
After stopping in Summerland for a visit and to pick up walnuts, we came home a different way than usual.  A bit of snow and a few slippery moments, so kind of stressful, but we were careful, and Larry heeded  my 'can you just slow down a bit' as we were on the downhill side.  A relief to get near Hope and a snow free hwy.

Who knows when we will get back there.  Often we try to go in January, but we will have to wait and see.  Right now we are being told not to travel out of our region.



  1. Jake and Luna are both looking good! Their good food must be agreeing with them! It is good to have a place to get away. I could sure use on from time to time! A very happy birthday to the 39 year old!!!:)

  2. Happy Birthday, 39 year old. Nice to get away to your home away from home. It's looking fine up there at least when you took the photos. Who knows if snow has now covered it all.

    1. They have had snow a few times, but nothing on the ground now. I'm on a couple of Oliver community pages on Facebook and keep seeing beautiful pictures of No Rain! So tired of our rain.

  3. Lovely peaceful photos! What a great "happy place" you have!💖


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