Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year's Eve!

It's a particularly happy New Year's Eve here, as we have just had our power reconnected after being without for 53 hours.  It's been quite the last few days, after we were hit hard by an ice storm (freezing rain) on Friday.  Lots of pictures and lots to say, but I'm just going to do a quick post about Anna, an Anna's Hummingbird, and the ice storm.

This is Anna on Thursday or Friday as the freezing rain was starting to stick on the window.  Thursday it wasn't bad, and in the evening we had a bit of a warming spell, and most of the ice left, and then it started again with a vengeance overnight and Friday.

The flowering cherry weighted down with ice over the back patio.  I took the opportunity to prune the branches back since they were hanging right down within reach!

Anna perched in that same tree.  Must make for awfully cold feet!

First feed of the morning.  Anna is often waiting for me to put the feeder back out. She may be sitting on the railing a few feet away. Sometimes she is hovering just inches away from my hand as I hang it up.  

In the background you can see a big branch from the variegated maple that has broken off.  It used to hang low into the chicken field and provide shade and protection for them in the summer.  We are all going to miss it.

Waiting to see if I could capture a shot of Anna outside (unsuccessful).  The camera doesn't capture it very well, but can you see the sun shining on the ice on the top of the evergreens in the background?  Despite all of the sunshine today, very little of the ice melted.

More icy stories to come.

I hope 2018 is a wonderful year for you!


  1. Hi Karen, Happy New Year. Nice close ups of Anna. The ice storm broke a great many old and wonderful trees.

  2. Thank you for taking care of poor little Anna. That ice store is unbelievable! I was shocked too at the pictures Granny Marigold posted of the ice. (I'm pretty sure you both are talking about the same storm). It's awful! I honestly don't see how you manage with having chickens and animals. We are have freezing weather here, nothing like what you have, but unusual for us. Some days not getting above freezing. I have to keep carrying fresh water to the animals because it freezes. It must be awful for you! Hope it warms up there and that ice melts. You and Larry be careful.

  3. We do get ice storms like that here in Iowa but not very often. When they happen I expect to lose a lot of branches breaking off the trees. Your photos are beautiful but that many hours without electricity had to be awful. I can't believe you still have a hummingbird out there. Ours all go south for the winter. Have a great new year.

  4. Happy New Year! I hope the little bird survived! 53 hours is a long time to be without power...quite an adventure! The ice is beautiful ...but destructive:(


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