Tuesday, December 13, 2016

We Have Winter

We haven't had much of a winter for a few years.  We usually get a few frozen spells, but it feels like it's been a while since we had much in the way of snow.  

Our snow started on Monday of last week.  Not much, but enough to make things interesting.  Or maybe frustrating, in Luna's mind.  How on earth is a girl supposed to play soccer with all that wet heavy white stuff sticking to the ball?
Click on the link to see her.

  We had some cold sunny days, and then last weekend we got more snow.  I think this was from Saturday morning.  By Saturday afternoon we had about 6 inches, and then it started to rain.

We got a bit of freezing rain, and there were quite a few smaller branches that came down.  Thankfully on Sunday morning when we were heading to farmer's market, the weather was just cold and cloudy, and the roads were good.

Sunday night we got some more snow.  So back up to 4 or 5 inches.  Today the sky started to clear, and we had some lovely blue skies and sunshine.  There are some pretty impressive icicles at the front of the house.  Drifting snow filled the eaves troughs, and then the just above freezing temperatures and the warm air from the attic created by the heat from the chimney caused some  melting.

Yesterday's walk through our bush was beautiful, but I hadn't taken a camera.  It wasn't quite as pretty this morning as some of the snow had fallen off  the branches, but still nice enough!  There was a frozen crust under the surface of the snow, and I don't think Jake liked it because he stuck pretty close.

Lots of rabbit and bird tracks.  Funny, I don't remember ever seeing any rabbits out there.

Jake has made his own route to get up the hill from the creek.  The cattle in the Fall made a mess of the trail here.

Looking across our back hay field at the old horse shed.  Look at that sky!!

Down through the old riding ring.  Did I ever mention that at one time we had four horses?

Looking  south across the other hayfield, and the our neighbour's pasture.

Some of the hens hanging out with Ramona in her leanto on the side of the chicken coop.
The hens aren't impressed with this weather, but they know how to warm up their feet.
Sheep's wool slippers!


  1. It is soooo pretty there! Just don't see how it could have been any prettier! and that last picture, I love it. I want to go right inside that little lean-to with Ramona and the hens. I too keep lots of hay inside the hen house and anywhere there are any animals in cold weather. I hate to see their feet on the cold frozen ground.

  2. spectacular blue skies, just beautiful property you have..
    I dont remember Ramona, wow what a coat she has!

  3. Smart chickens! Your snow is way prettier than ours! :)

  4. My border collie loves snow and yet today it was too cold. He didn't like the windchill and wanted to go inside. Enjoyed viewing and reading your blog today.


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