Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!!

Wowzers, 2016 is going out with a bang tonight! We have had heavy snow since later in the afternoon and evening, and here at 9:30 pm we are at nearly 7".  Add that to what we still had on the ground, and in some spots we must be up to a foot of snow now.  Too bad, I was just starting to enjoy the green patches that were reappearing, and so were the chickens.  Ramona the sheep got herself out to the hay field today where there was a decent patch of exposed grass out in the middle, and had herself a good fresh meal.  We are just about at the end of our fourth week of wintery weather, I think we have had snow on the ground in spots that whole time.  Not a common thing for us.

 Our walk this afternoon

 Our house is straight ahead

 From the livingroom window, with reflection of the Christmas tree lights.

 At our neighbours about 6pm

 I wandered down to the road about 11pm

Our 'retro' icicle lights, every third icicle isn't working

 Will have to try and shake the hedge off in the morning

 But the Pampas Grass at the corner of the house is beyond help 

Happy New Year to you and yours from all of us at Wyndson Farm.  
May 2017 bring you health and happiness!


  1. oh I love to walk outside at night while its snowing! you are alone in the world and can see inside the windows of other houses all warm and toasty. I love your lights outside...everything so beautiful

  2. I really enjoyed all of your photos. The dogs are so sweet, It does look like Christmas at your place. I wish you a very Happy New Year.

  3. Who got a new puppy that is worrying Jake? Cute little thing! Hey it looks like Minnesota there, we are getting another storm tomorrow:)

  4. Health and happiness and all good things to you in 2017.

    Right now gusty NE winds are blowing snow around like crazy and frozen pine cones hit the skylight and make me wonder if the power will go out before long. I've had quite enough of winter.

  5. No wonder you were overwhelmed at the beauty!! Each one of those pictures should be a Christmas card for next Christmas. Actually it looks like a box of cards all spread out. That is a beautiful snow!


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