Monday, December 7, 2015

Do you Zumba?

In case you were wondering, I never did go back to the Total BS class.  I decided to check out the classes at the Rec Centers in town.  There is one heck of a variety, and I can just pay as I go, or purchase a card good for 20 visits and save 20%, so that works better for me.  That way if we go to Oliver for a week, I'm not missing classes that I paid for.  I've always been interested in trying a Zumba class.  So last week I went to three, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and I was there again tonight.  Different instructors in each class, so they use different moves.  I feel like the most uncoordinated idiot out there.  Quite often I am one beat behind when I finally figure out the foot movements. It seems I just barely get it sorted out and the instructor changes it up or adds something extra in.  But, I can laugh at myself, so it is kind of fun and one heck of a workout, depending on how much you put into it.  Tonight I went to Youtube and spend a while looking at Zumba videos, trying to find one that was somewhere close to what I feel like we do.  Hip and shoulder shimmies were not in my repertoire, and they still aren't really, and I feel a bit of weakness in the small of my back after attempting them.  I'm probably one of the oldest in the classes, and no leggings for me, I'm in shorts and a tank top.  I can't function if my legs are too hot, or my top either.  Thankfully there are some big fans on the back wall that blow too and fro.  Obviously the more I go, the easier it will get....right? By easy I mean actually learning the movements well enough so that muscle memory takes over and I don't have to concentrate on both arms and legs.

Watching the instructor in this one, well all I can think of is that that hair hanging in my face would drive me crazy!


  1. I used to be a choreographer when I was younger teaching dance and that is basically what the instructors are in Zomba , dancing is a very healthy activity my entire family loves to dance when I was younger I would go dancing at the clubs cause I loved dancing or just dance around the house as I did the cleaning it gets your cardio and muscles going it is a great work out and teaches rhythm and coordination !. You go girl good for you . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week and fun at your Zomba classes .

  2. We went to Tai Chi last winter, it really helps with core strength:) I am way too uncoordinated to do Zumba:)

  3. My daughter enjoys Zumba but I am not tempted. Your comments reminded me of me taking Line Dancing. It was fun but I had such a hard time keeping up and remembering the sequences. Before I mastered one song she'd move onto another and I was back at square one.

  4. I would be more than just one beat behind....LOL Enjoy

  5. I would love to do Zumba. It looks easy, but I would never be able to keep up. I would have the entire class laughing! I just real and left a comment on your last post.

  6. Not Zumba but there is a free style dance/motion class that is pretty fun and not as complicated as the Latin or Zumba dancing. More my style.

    1. As long as you are moving, that's what counts;-)


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