Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A GOOD afternoon!

My son David worked at the farm across the road for a couple of hours this morning.  That is a job that he has had since he was 15, and has continued to work there while working at other jobs, going to college, university, and even when he worked and lived 3 1/2 hours away during the four month summer break. He drove home on weekends to visit his girlfriend (who he met at the farm), and put in a Saturday working there.  The owners are family to him. On his way to his home now,  he passes by the hospital where my mum is.  I asked him to stop by and drop her glasses off, and to give me an update on how she was.  This is the text I got. 

Hello.  Just leaving now.  She was in good spirits.  Recognized me when I walked in and remembered my name when the nurse came by.  We talked for over an hour.  Well she talked mostly.  She recalls most of what happened yesterday.  She recalled it in a sort of third person perspective.  Didn't seem at all upset about the situation.  Spoke about you and dad as well.  Remembered your name but couldn't remember dad's.  She was having lunch and managed to eat most of it.  She still doesn't seem certain how it all happened but doesn't seem worried.  I would say she was in an extremely good mood compared to what I imagine she was like yesterday.

I cried, happy tears.  
It was a beautiful afternoon, and we had taken the dogs down to the dyke for a walk.  I needed the outdoor time.  I have missed out on a lot of that the last little while.  I took a few not so wonderful pictures with the phone.  Should have taken the camera, but needed the phone to keep in touch with David and to let my sister and Meredith know the latest.  Thank goodness the dyke is flat and straight, so I was able to text and walk and not fall on my face! 

It was one of those dramatic sky kind of days.  We were walking in the sunshine more than the pictures show, and no those black clouds did not dump rain on us.

The dogs were game for a swim, and I think Calli would have taken the plunge if not for the leash holding her back.  She did stick her head underwater a few times to try find a big rock.  Jake and Luna usually need something to be thrown in the water to get wet, so we just didn't throw anything.  I think Jake was quite disgusted with us.

Christmas will be much better now.  
Thanks for following along for the ride.
A very Merry Christmas to you all!


  1. Christmas blessings. Good news about your mother.

  2. Merry Christmas! So glad your Mum is better today. It may happen again...don't take anything she says personal. We were also advised to just correct them gently, remind them who they are where they are...I made two books for Gene's Mom was a one ever visited her...I told evey one to write in it and encouraged her to write in it daily...thoughts request etc.. and then I made her a memory book with photos of her parents, husband, children and grandchildren and I included obits...her parents ,sister and helped her to remember. I think both books helped her and it helped us to read her notebook...she did have visitors, and she did have questions which she wrote down...bananas at Bingo were a BIG DEAL.
    Sending good thoughts your way:)

  3. That was very good news indeed! I was blessed that my mom was so happy and just wanted to be around family and friends. I miss her so. Love and hugs to you, your family and your mom! Wishing you all the best in the coming New Year!

  4. hey Karen, i had to run right over and thank you so much for your comment on my blog the other day - about giving the dogs the trotters from out pigz. i know it was probably an off hand comment for you - but WOW! it totally solved a huge problem for us. i'm so glad you took the time! you see, Kai has always had horrible teeth. just awful - even our vet is shocked. they need to be cleaned but she doenst take anesthesia well (dont ask) so we've been delaying. and worrying. and delaying. but i remembered your comment and so i gave them the hock bones (not the trotters) that you see on my sunday post pix) - i swear her teeth are now sparkling white! we've given her other bones before but nothing like this has happened. i dont know if it was because of all the connective tissue or what. but THANK YOU SO MUCH. sometimes i'm too linear in my thinking so i would have never given them the hocks. but thanks to your comment it got me headed in the right direction... and now her teeth are perfect. i kind of want to hug you.
    ps you can find me on 'the facebook' at

  5. Great to have such a splendid update on Mom! Here's to all of us having a wonderful New Y

  6. So sorry I missed this post until now. David sounds like the perfect son. Glad his text made you feel better. Hope you had a Merry Christmas! Hope your Mom gets better fast, and I hope you have a very Happy New Year!

  7. Oops! I meant to say how much I enjoyed your walk and seeing the dogs again.


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