Wednesday, October 22, 2014

'Rocky' Mountain High

This has become post from the hot place underground where the not very nice people are supposed to roast in eternity.

First trying to email the photos from my phone to blogger, had to do it in multiple parts, multiple times, which meant multiple posts.  Then when trying to get those multiple posts into one, the computer in the library kept on freezing up on me when I tried to move the photos with the 'photos from this blog' option, so I finally ended up copying and pasting the photos over into one.  I tried to make the photos the usual size, but they aren't coming through very focused, so I've left them smaller.  Could be the computer monitor here, which seems to have a faint double shadow to all the text.

Now I only have four minutes left on the computer here at the library.  So to cut it short and sweet, Larry, Jake, Luna and I went for an amazing hike yesterday, we were gone three hours.  We did the killer climb up to the radio tower on top of one peak, and then did some exploring once we had rested at the top. We saw a few deer and a bear plop, had a great time, were pretty darn tired by the time we were done.  Here are some pictures and I'd better hit publish before the computer boots me out.

I'll be back tomorrow to try and sort some things out


  1. It must have been warm! Lovely views:)

  2. What beautiful photos. Makes you GLAD to be ALIVE, eh? The computer at the library probably makes you not so glad. LOL

  3. Lovely photos, Looks like your having a great time at your Oliver Home.


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