Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Yesterday was recovery day after the previous four hectic days.  The guys got back about 8:30 Sunday evening.  Larry was pretty beat.  A great trip, amazing scenery, scary moments, cold nights warm days, lots of fun. I'll post some pictures when I can get some from David.  David still had another half an hour to drive to his current home, and then had to be back at the University for 9 in the morning.

I was beat too.  My four days played out like this.
Thursday morning after they left at 7, I did the usual morning stuff, got the garbage and recyclables out and wondered why I didn't see any stuff at the end of the neighbours driveway.  Then remembered that Monday had been a holiday, so that put us back a day.  Did remember to put it back out that evening, which was a good thing as I totally forgot about it on Friday morning.  Did a bit of gardening, seeded some more arugula.  In the afternoon I started making jam, but that was a hard slog for some reason and I only got two batches done before I had to spend some time cleaning up the dining room and it's big table.  Some of my dog club members were coming over that evening to do the paperwork for the agility trial we were putting on over the weekend.  We got all that done and they left at 10.

Friday morning I got going earlier, and got three batches of jam done, and would have liked to have kept going, but it was time to head to the fair grounds and set up for the agility trial.  I was there a couple of hours, dashed home, fed the dogs, did a couple of things, and then headed back with Jake and Luna.  The trial started at 6 that evening.  The first run in with Luna, I slipped and fell.  Just felt like my feet slipped on the dirt and down I crashed on my left upper chest.  One pancaked breast.  Got up quickly and continued on, well tried to salvage what I could out of that run.  Ran another run with Luna, and then two with Jake.  By the end of the evening I was so sore.  Throwing the frisbee with my right arm hurt, bending over really hurt.  I got back home at 9, and because I was so into the jam making before I had to leave, I had thought that I could do the other two I needed when I got back home.  (Sometimes I just have to go with it when I feel the urge)  So I did, eventually, and went to bed at 1 am.  Right before I went to bed I had a hot shower, rubbed this P3 stuff on my left side, and took an advil.  Took quite a while to get comfortable in bed, and longer to get to sleep, so that 6 am alarm came around mighty fast.

So we are now at Saturday.  My body was feeling better than the night before, which was a relief because I was really worried about the vegetable picking I had to do later.  Let the chickens out, made sure they had enough food, etc.  Arrived back at the trial at 7:45 just in time to walk the first course.  Hung out at the trial all day, running Jake and Luna and helping to build courses and doing some ring crewing and leash running.  Left at 3:30 after Luna's last run.  I had hung around waiting for that run for quite a while, as it is the last one she needs to get clean to move up to all Masters level courses.  Sadly, it wasn't meant to be, and she got a refusal.  Anyway, laid on the couch for a while when I got home, it was a hot day and I felt beat, and there was no way I could work in the hot sun.  So I have this theory about the September sun, as a hot day seems hotter than August or July.  I think it's because the sun is lower, and is hitting the side of the body at a more direct angle, which produces more heat.   Anyway, by 5:15 there was some shade coming onto the garden so I went outside and got the vegetables all picked.  Collected eggs, got them cleaned and in cartons and ready to go for Sunday.  Got the random flowers picked that were down by the house. Came back in at 8:15 for a bit of a break.  By then it was dark.  I still had the dahlias to pick.  Went back out at 9 and with a head lamp and the light of the almost full, super moon, I got those picked.  It was a beautiful evening.  No mosquitoes, and no random noises in the dark that made me think, OMG, what was that?  





See those carrots in the white bin, next to the beets in the orange tub?  In the morning there was a massive slug on the carrots, and it had eaten a huge hole into one carrot:(

Got the trailer hooked up to the truck, finally found a card table that I wanted to take and was not in the last place I had seen it.  By then it was midnight.  Back inside, labelled and priced and sorted the jam I had made on Thursday and Friday.  Got to bed at 1 am.  Set the phone alarm for 5am.  It is really quite depressing when you set it and it tells you the alarm will ring in 4 hours and 2 minutes. Took me quite a while to get comfortable again, so I figure I was lucky if I got 3 1/2 hours of sleep.

5 am Sunday morning came far too soon, but I was able to stagger out of bed fairly quickly, and headed outside. Pitch black still.  I had rigged a light up at the potting bench and was able to wash and sort and bag what vegetables still needed doing, and then get it all loaded into the truck, along with the extra jam, and the eggs and the card table and a dog crate for Calli, plus leave enough room for the flowers. Sorted out the chickens and then I spent an hour making up bouquets.  Meredith got here about 7, so I asked her to take the dogs for a short walk down the road.  I finished the eighth bouquet, and got the those loaded into the truck along with the buckets of extra flowers that I would make up at the market.  We were ready to go just after 7:30, dogs and all, and were at the market by 8:05, and were able to drive right to our spot.  Meredith drove, she said I seemed rather stressed, which I thought was weird, as I wasn't feeling stressed at all at that point.  I had managed to load everything into the truck (that would have been Larry's job, and I don't really pay much attention to how he does it), and we were leaving at a decent time.  Anyway, it was nice to be a passenger for a change, as I've done all the driving for the last few months.

The market went well, the best one this year so far.  Meredith is great.  1 pm rolled around, the market was done, and suddenly, so was I.  I was beat.  We headed straight home and I crashed on the couch for a few hours.  Meredith hung around to see if the guys would show up, but we didn't get a reply to our texts, so she eventually left.  I finally staggered up and got a few things done, the truck unloaded and the trailer parked back in it's spot, and was just about to collect eggs and shut the chickens in when Gruff chugged up the driveway.  


My left side is still stiff and sore, depending on what I am doing, about the same as Saturday.
Jake and Luna ended up with one clean run each at the trial.  I pulled Jake after two runs on Saturday as he was sore.

The end.


  1. Can't even imagine how tired you must be; I'm tired just reading about it. Glad to hear you had a successful market though. Lovely photos of all your flowers!

  2. Me too! I'm tired from reading about it. I don't know how you held up to do all that. You are one smart, hard working lady! I know a lot of women who don't get that much work done in a month. Seriously! Hope your side gets better soon.

  3. I am exhausted reading about it lol ! Hard working women for sure ! Hope your side gets better soon ! Thanks for sharing , now get some R&R have a good week !

  4. OMG, how do you do it!!! That is an amazing amount of work! I am so very impressed with your energy and commitment. Watch that injury, it can make you more prone to problems and do those monthly breast exams!

    1. That was my first thought, how trauma to the breast can make you more prone to the bad stuff:(

  5. You might have a broken rib, but they don't do anything for them anyway. I hope you feeling better, put Larry in charge and rest! I know easier said than done:)

  6. thanks for all the hard work you do for the market. I look forward to each market and trying a new flavour of your great jam. Last week I picked plum and ginger pear and I was not disappointed!

  7. I think I will go back to bed after reading that! Flowers are gorgeous. Slugs eat carrots? I'm feeling like a slug after reading about your long weekend. I better get to work!


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