Monday, August 4, 2014

Corn anyone?

Do you eat corn on the cob in the summer?  Do you hate the job of shucking those cobs?  I do.  It was always a job I'd try to pass off to one of the kids.  Then what to do with the husks.  When we still had horses, we'd feed some to them, the rest would go in the compost.  I've cooked ears of corn in the microwave for years.  But now, I'll never shuck corn again.  
I used to grow corn, but too many years the plot would get blown over, what a mess trying to get them all stood back up and tied up.  Haven't grown any corn for a long time now.  Now we let someone else do the growing.  I'd seen this method pop up now and again on Facebook, and was determined to give it a try.  And it works, like a charm.  So easy, basically mess free.  The corn turns out great.  We were gifted a dozen cobs on Sunday at the end of the market, we had corn for supper on Sunday, and lunch and supper on Monday.

You just put the corn, as is, straight into the microwave.  The ones we did today were not so nice looking as these, the husks looked a bit older, no extra layers had been removed, and the stem at the bottom was longer

Into the microwave, 8 minutes on High for two cobs, 4 or 5 minutes for one.  Probably 15 minutes for four cobs.  After they are done, you can let them sit a bit to cool slightly, or else use something to protect your hands.  Slice the bottom off the cob.  You have to make sure you slice just above where the cob curves under, so that you cut off the bottom of all the husks, and you have exposed the widest part of the cob.  ( I hadn't actually cut quite enough off these cobs, some of the inner husks were still attached.)


Then you grab the other ends of the husks and silk, just above the top of the cob, and give it a bit of a shake.  The cob slides out all perfectly clean, just like that.  It did take me a few attempts to realize that I wasn't quite cutting enough off at the bottom.
I did try to take some video of me shaking the cobs out, but it was a bit hard to film on my own, and at that point I hadn't quite figured out where to cut the bottom of the cob off.  So you see a lot of wild flinging around of the corn cob before it finally slips out of the husks.  Well when you could actually see it in the camera frame.  So I found a video someone else kindly made, and it shows you how well the method works.   All the corn we have had so far, from three different sources, had turned out great.  No more big pile of messy silk and husks, so easy.  Let me know if you try it, and what you think.  I think it's wonderful:) 


  1. Momma has done that and they are tasty
    Lily & Edward

  2. I am so happy that you posted this. We have had corn on the cob several times a week this summer. I hate the mess! Then after boiling the corn Poppy complains about the silks that are still on the corn! Can't wait to try this! Thank you.

  3. I used to use that method! We seldom eat corn, can't get it fresh and never organic so we pretty much gave up on it. I do miss it sometimes.

  4. I boiled a bunch tonight..local grown it was really good. I will have to try this method with our next batch:)


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