Thursday, October 3, 2013

Calli's Cart

Seven and a half years ago when Calli was first hurt, we ordered a cart for her.  She never used it, as by the time the cart arrived, she had recovered enough to walk on her own.  Now that she is 13  1/2, her back end just doesn't work like it used to.  So now we have started using the cart.  If she is walking somewhere different, she is full of enthusiasm and really takes advantage of the freedom the cart gives her.   This was three weeks ago on a visit to Oliver.  We were heading across the park and down the dyke for a walk.

On the way back, just before entering back into the park, I saw this sign on the fence.


You know me, anything free....So I filled up a bag, yelled thanks to the guy out working in his yard, and then went back again the next day and got more.  The lady was out this time, and she told me to come in through the gate and take everything.  So two grocery bags full and the vine was empty.

Here's Calli at the end of the walk.  We had stopped to let the dogs swim in the river, and let her walk back on her own.  She is doing well here, but I wanted to show you the size of the rock she was carrying back.



  1. Calli has the BEST home ever! You guys are great. And, for your kindness you were rewarded with GRAPES.
    That's not a rock, it's a boulder. Silly dog :0)

  2. Oh Calli is a sweety . I am glad she can get around well with her cart . Silly thing with a rock in her mouth lol Thanks for sharing . Have a great week !

  3. That was some huge rock! She looks like she likes the cart and it fits her well. Good thing you kept the cart, she is a trooper:)

  4. That is a nice sturdy cart. Great score on the grapes. That's a huge rock she's carrying, must have been hard to swallow with that in her mouth.
    By the way, last Saturday mom and I were at Abbotsford farmers market, bought your crabapple jelly, my favourite. It was so delicious.

    1. Thanks for supporting us at the market, and glad you enjoyed the crab apple jelly:)

  5. When Harlow heard you call Calli, she zipped over here to the computer as quick as could be. Calli doesn't sound a bit like Harlow, but boy what a recall it got.

  6. Must be my lovely charming voice, ha ha! So next time she doesn't come, try to sound like me calling Calli:)


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