Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Monday was Thanksgiving Day here in Canada.  I'm glad that it's early in the Fall and we can celebrate the harvest and leaves and Fall colours.......and could someone please rake our driveway?


We took the dogs for a nice walk along the Fraser River.  The Fraser River is the longest river in B.C. and the tenth longest in Canada.  This is part of the Matsqui Trail Regional Park. 


The Mission bridge in the background.  I didn't realize until later that I had a big smudge of dirty water on my lens


We got some swimming time in.



And saw the mother of all trees high and dry on the bank.  You can see Larry and Luna down near the roots.


Now Larry's right at the other end, and Luna is running down the trunk towards me by the two branches sticking out on the right.


It was unbelievably impressive, and would have been a monster when alive.  The top was broken off, but what was there was plenty long enough.  I kicked myself after for not pacing out it's length.  I'd love to know it's story, where did it originate, was it a landslide that caused it to end up in the river?  Did it pass through the narrow rapids at Hell's Gate?  Imagine the navigational hazard it would have been as it floated downstream.  How it it manage to end up so perfectly parked, parallel to the river?  It must have arrived late Spring/early Summer when the river is at it's highest.  If tree trunks could only talk....  Fascinating!



  1. Oh what a perfect Thanksgiving day with the furry ones we love and finding that awesome tree trunk must have been incredible oh the stories I am sure it could tell. You live in my favourite part of Canada, beautiful. B

  2. Loved all of the pictures, especially of the 3 dogs and the fall carpet :0)


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