Thursday, September 26, 2013

Leftover Frittata

I am SO not into cooking these days.  Probably a result of spending too much time in the kitchen already.  Spend a few hours making jam, standing in front of the stove, stirring the pot, and then all the clean up involved with it, and by that point I don't want anything more to do with the kitchen.  So some days supper is just 'you're on your own'.  Some days I do manage to come up with something.  The easier the better.  The less dishes dirtied, the better.

A while ago, on one of the Saturdays that we'd taken off, I picked up a book from a garage sale. It was for kids, each page told you how to grow a different vegetable, and there was a recipe using that vegetable on the next page.  I did think that I could give it to one of my nieces for their kids.  Any one of you want it?

One recipe caught my eye, so I read it over and then decided to just wing it.

We had a bunch of potatoes that I had rejected as being salable (big worm holes, ones that I had stabbed with the fork, etc), as well as a zucchini and a bunch of chard that hadn't sold at the last market. 

Cooked the potatoes in a pot while I chopped up an onion and the chard and the zucchini, and got them frying in the pan.  When they were done I drained and then added the potatoes, and then beat 7 eggs in the pot I had cooked the potatoes in.  Added the eggs and some seasoning and left it on the stove and put a lid over the top to help it cook.


It was pretty good, the potatoes were the best part.  I wished I'd grated the zucchini instead of slicing it, but all in all it was pretty good.  And only two dishes dirtied in the making of it.


We have lots of lemon cucumbers right now, so they made a nice addition.  They don't taste like lemons, they just look like them.

Maybe they're available at a farmers market near you!


  1. Your meal sounds great. (Wish I had your cast iron pan.) We call those nights when nobody wants to cook "every man for himself." They seem to be more frequent the older we get! :) Never heard of lemon cukes; but I'm sure we'd love them.

  2. That looks very tasty. I have been making fried cabbage with the red cabbages we grew...I should do a post :)

  3. Looks pretty good! I love my cast iron skillets to make up a whole meal, we do bacon with chicken and potatoes and some cheese added on top for a skillet meal. One pan, some paper plates and I am good to go! I suppose since I am done at the museum that I will have to cook a tad more. I like the every one for themselves idea:)

  4. Skillet way to go. :0)


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