Sunday, April 14, 2013

Keeping In Touch

It seems if I don't post in a few days, then I get kind of stuck and the none-communicado phase just threatens to drag on.  Lots has happened just lately.
My sister visited from Ontario for a week.  Mostly to see our mother, who she hasn't seen for a year.  We did manage to get lots of sister time in though.  Lots of visits to thrift stores.  We headed up to Oliver for a couple of nights, and visited more thrift stores.  She called it going to a fitness camp.  Not the thrift store part, but what we did the rest of the time. I will eventually do a post on it.
Calli has a bladder infection.  Well now I hope it's 'had', as she has just finished a week of antibiotics.  I'll collect a sample and do the sniff test tomorrow.   Her urine was very strong smelling.  It's been that way for a while.  I just thought it was really concentrated, as she wasn't showing the incontinence symptoms like the last time she had an infection.  Since she doesn't have full bladder control anyway, it can be a bit hard to decide if things are not quite right.

Here's something fun to watch.  This girl not only trains dogs to do agility, she trains cats too!
I'm in awe of all that she has trained this cat to do.


  1. Glad you had some sister time. Love the kitty showing s/he is still a cat and not hitting all the marks! Wonderful what treats will do, isn't it?

  2. Oh my gosh, there's still hope for the Boo. I set up something like that for him downstairs, he just looked at me and meowed.

    I'm glad that you had a good visit with your sister, family is always fun.


  3. Loved the video that gal and her kitty are a great pair! I hope Calli is over her infection. You have been busy, I can only imagine the trek you took your sister on! :)

  4. Fitness boot camp, Ha! Bet you hiked the heck outta her! Must be bike weather there now too. We had sun all weekend and no snow, whoo hooo! Did you get any great thrift store finds? Bet that will be an upcoming post :)
    Hope Calli is all better.

  5. That is FREAKIN' amazing! There must be some dog in that cat. GREAT video! Feel better Callie.

  6. That Cat is amazing ! Could not keep my eyes off the video. Hope she feels better.


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