Sunday, August 26, 2012

Picker's Sky

It just seems like we have finally got into summer, and suddenly Fall is nipping at our heels.  On Saturday morning the alarm went off at 5:30.  I wanted to have enough time to get everything picked and ready for the market, with out my usual last minute crazy mad rush.  The only thing is that now at 5:30, it's just too dark to see what I'm picking.  So a few more minutes of lazing in bed, and finally outside I went.  There were some interesting cloud formations in the sky.  This was about 5:48.  I'm not really one for looking for shapes in the clouds, but looking at this picture later made me think of a herd of elephants, tromping along with trunks held aloft. A couple of elephants seem to have lost their trunks, or maybe the trunks have lost their elephants, but no matter, it's all in the imagination.
Saturday morning was chilly, my right hand was numbing up gathering those cold vegetables.  The vegetables know that Fall is on it's way.  They are slowing down.  There was less to pick, but it takes longer to pick it, so in the end you spend about the same amount of time.  

This morning (Sunday) wasn't as cold.  The Red Sky Rhyme was giving fair warning of the clouds that were forecast to roll in this afternoon, which they did.  
We actually were sort of organized this morning, but even then those few extra minutes seem to get frittered away, and all of a sudden it's a rush again.

It was a good market.  All the vegetables sold except for five bunches of Kale.  Kale sold really fast at the beginning of the year, and now it seems to have eased off.  We'll be having zucchini/kale/onion/whatever else we have to add to it/ stir fries for lunch this week, all sprinkled with parmesan cheese when it's done.  

Luna said it was a tough day at the market.
(This is the first time I've seen her use a toy as a pillow)


  1. Luna looks comfy! Interesting skies you have had lately! Elephants..yes I can kinda see them:)

  2. Cool! We think those elephants lost their trunks
    Benny & Lily

  3. I, too, saw the elephants with some missing their trunks :0) Lovely skies.....Open market starting to slow down for the upcoming winter.
    And, sweet Luna....dreaming.


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