Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Forgotten Post

This post is old news now.  This was our second visit to Oliver this year over the Easter weekend.  I had got the pictures loaded and then for some reason didn't get the post finished.

One day we went on a long hike.  It was in the White Lake area.  We combined two hikes from the previous year.  The first one was when we had Calli, I did a post, Calli Climbs a Mountain, and I posted about the other part too.  When we had Calli we were limited to how far we could go, so this time we continued on from where we had stopped the first time.  We picked a peak to get to the top of, and stopped there for lunch.  

On the way up we had been passed by some old codgers on mountain bikes.  Couldn't believe that they were riding up the trail they were.  They seemed to head off in a different direction to the trail we were following, and then from the top we saw them reappear way down below by that lake that was behind Luna in the video.  Larry was determined to find a way to get down there, and we did, it was quite easy although quite steep.  Down below was where we picked up the trail that we had been on the second time we had hiked in that area.

It was a good hike, and we will go back again and do some more exploring. 

The rest of the time we walked along the dykes.  Nice and flat and open and not often did we meet other people or dogs.  
That is Burrowing Owl winery. 
 Larry is wondering if there is a trail leading straight to it from the dyke.  All that walking makes a man thirsty!

Now I tried to think of a witty caption for this photo, but nothing came to me!
Luna in the middle of a roll.  She is the most 'rolly' dog I have ever known.

A bit 'Wild West' looking

The Road 22 bridge.

The little vegetable garden at Wyndson Cottage.  That's garlic just to the right of centre.  It was planted in November.  I seeded some beets to the right and planted potatoes to the left while we were there.

Evening light hitting the daffodils along the driveway.

I always manage to squeeze a bit of work in, so got a few aprons sewn up.

Even managed a bit of thrifting.  We hit Value Village in Penticton seniors day (30
% off), and got the Keen sandals for Larry for $3.50,  and I got the water bottle belt for the same price. The sandals were hardly worn but some stitching had come undone.  That was an easy fix.   I love it when I can look things up on the computer and see the original price.  The sandals were over $100 and the water bottles were over $40.
A great thrift store find makes my day!


  1. oh wow I LOVE those mountain photos and video is spectacular! the plant life up there tugs at my heart, you are so lucky to get up there...beautiful. I also love the apron photo, you are so creative <3

    1. Thanks! although those aprons are as simple as they could be ;-) I think that is part of what appeals to us about the area, the vegetation is so much different from what we are used to. And I've always loved craggy bluffs ;-) Oh, and there is much less rain, sometimes waaaay too much less though.

  2. I'm glad you remembered to post this. It is so pretty there. The dogs always look excited to be hiking with you. I do like that western looking picture with the cows.

  3. Nothing better than a good hike with awesome views, and a trip to the thrift store that results in great finds!!
    It really is nice out Oliver way. When we moved to BC in 1968 we could have stopped anywhere and settled in. Sometimes I wonder how life would have turned out if we'd put down roots in the Okanagan.


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