Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Something Totally Different....Sort of...

Just a quick post.  This past weekend was my dog club's annual Agility Trial.  We haven't done a whole lot of agility lately, and last year I didn't even enter the trial.  This year I thought I might as well have a bit of fun...(because with our lack of practicing I really didn't think we would do that well). 

The trial was held Friday evening through Sunday, but I couldn't be there on Sunday because I needed to be at the Farmer's Market.

Once again our dogs amazed me.  Jake ran in 5 classes, and had a clean and qualifying round in four of them, as well as first place finishes.  The fifth class with it's fault was due to a small handler error.  I learned from my mistake and when I ran Luna in the same class a bit later, I fixed my handling and she got a clean (qualifying) round and a second place.  In her other classes she made one small mistake in each of them, which was my fault.  I was so darn impressed and pleased with them!

I didn't get anyone to film our runs, but here are a couple of videos to give you some idea.  The first one is of our club doing a demo at a Canada Day celebration in Mission.  We go there every year.  It was a fun relay where the handler had to run their dog and carry a cup of water at the same time.

This video is of Jake running in the BC/Yukon Agility Regionals in 2011.  This is one of 6 different runs we had to do. He finished first in his division that year.

I had so much fun,  think I may have to enter a few trials this winter!


  1. Jake and Luna are so special, and so pretty! It's funny, I was thinking about you Sunday because we saw this same sport on TV. Can you tell I don't know what these dog shows are called? Anyhow, I thought, wonder if Karen would be here with her dogs. I enjoy watching the dogs.

  2. Great job. You make it look so easy
    Lily & Edward

  3. Your dogs are amazing. I can't get over how enthusiastic they are about doing all those jumps etc.. Nice that they did so well on the weekend too.

  4. Way to go Jake and Luna! Sounds like a fun weekend! :)


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