Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Singalong

A little entertainment until I get something more meaty posted.
We were surprised and entertained last night to discover that Jake has some musical talent. He has never done anything like this before!


  1. That Jake really "sings" doesn't he. Bracken often will howl along with any nearby sirens but not nearly as tunefully as Jake.

  2. Bravo! Very nice song! I enjoyed it!!!

  3. But, I wonder if Larry has ever done that before? Probably not. Jake has been waiting a long time :=)

    1. Ha,ha. Actually Larry has done that before, I don't know where Jake was then. We tried it on our bush walk yesterday morning, and Jake came running back and started to howl. I managed to make those same sounds later, back at the house, but Jake wouldn't howl with me.

  4. Karen that is soooo cute. I needed a laugh this morning. How could anyone have a better post than this?


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