Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Stuck in the Fog

This morning when we went for a walk through the bush, it seemed like the fog was going to burn off.  It was bright and we could see blue sky overhead, and it had all the beginnings of a lovely Spring-like day in January.  A bit later when we did a fast mile walk down the road with just Jake and Luna, the sun was mostly out.  We drove away from home to run some errands and buy vegetables and not far from home we came out into beautiful sunshine.  We were sure by the time we got back, nearly three hours later, that our house would be basking in the sunshine too. Wishful thinking.  As we are heading back north, not far from home, we could see the fog bank rising up from the river valley below and spilling over the top of the hill, and of course, over our house. 

Around four we took the dogs for another walk, they expect it now in the afternoon, and it was like this. (It felt like all we did was walk dogs today) Yuk, socked right in.  We were extra careful along the road, I was wearing a florescent vest and the dogs were on leash.  The cars seem to be able to sneak up on you in the fog, and all of a sudden are right there.  These pictures are on the road allowance so no cars here.

After all that grey, here's some colour.  Larry and I are still doing the Whole30 meal plan.  No grains, no dairy, no sugar, no soy, no legumes (except green beans or snap or snow peas).  I'm having fun making the plates as colourful as I can.  Some examples of what we CAN eat.  Do we look like we are deprived?  Not at all.  I'm really happy about all this, I feel great, I've lost a very few pounds, I'm not hungry and not snacking, and have lost a lot of aches and pains.  
Breakfast on the left, lunch in the middle, dinner on the right.  I even ate out one night.  Didn't have the bun, scraped the sauce off the chicken and had oil and vinegar dressing as their vinaigrette had added sugar.  The friend I had dinner with started her Whole30 yesterday.

I did manage to squeeze a few minutes in at the thrift store today too, while Larry went to the library. 
An unopened bottle of Avon's Skin so Soft, a blue glass jar for Meredith (or me), both 99 cents each, and three new cotton dish cloths for 29 cents.  There was a 20% discount today, so for a grand total of $1.80......:)


  1. How odd that you could see the sun, but it didn't get to your place. I am really needing some sun right now! :) That diet you're on looks and sounds great! The food looks even better than not being on a diet! I could never fix foods that look that good! I wonder if Poppy would try it with me.

  2. Oh boy those meals look awesome
    Lily & Edward

  3. Your meals look so healthy and colorful!
    I love foggy days, makes your photos look so moody :) in a good way!


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