Sunday, January 25, 2015

More Pineapples

We had that whole Hawaiian Pineapple Express storm system dumping rain on us for two days straight.  Really ugly and a bit depressing.  The upside is that the temperatures are really mild. Bothers the dogs much less than us, so they still expect their daily exercise.  You will probably laugh at us walking out there through the bush with our umbrellas.  A bit awkward at times, but beats struggling into the rain gear, which would make me TOO HOT over the top of my other clothes.  Maybe it's my British background, but we use umbrellas a lot here.  This was yesterday morning.  Calli was not impressed.

You dragged me off my nice comfortable bed....for this?

Despite averaging 60" of rain here a year, we do not have rain coats for the dogs.  Some days though, you just kind of get fed up of towelling them off every time they have been outside. So Calli got the one thicker winter coat.  She doesn't move fast so no worries about her getting too hot. Luna and Jake wore reflective 'vests' that I got from the dollar store.  Any bit of rain being deflected from their coats was better than nothing I thought.

Luna has a new routine when we walk in the morning.  She HAS TO find her ball. Sometimes she is frantically running up and down the driveway, trying to find it.  Worst case scenario, if we don't know where it is, there are a couple of older balls that will fill in in a pinch, but this one is definitely her favourite.  She will roll it from down by the house, all the way up the alleyway, through the old riding ring, and out to where the old horse shed is.  She will usually leave it there, go through the bush with us, and make her rounds, and then when she knows we are on our way back, she will run ahead, get her ball and push it down the hill, and through the gate, and days like yesterday, pushes it half way up the trail.  She is pretty tired on the way back sometimes, and will sometimes abandon the ball, so you have to keep watch.  Don't want to leave it out there or the coyotes might start up their own soccer game.  (many years ago they played havoc with water hoses we left out there).  Here she is moving it through the big puddle just inside the riding ring gateway.

Other end of the riding ring, almost at the horse shed.

Waiting to be told that is is okay for them to go through the gate to the bush.

They run full bore up the field, Jake starts out in the lead but Luna catches up, and then they have a bit of snark fest with each other, and then turn around and come back, generally. Unless they pick up a hot scent out there, and then they just keep going.  Usually on the way back Luna will throw herself on the ground and have a really good roll.  And if she is extra hot, on the way through the bush she will lay in the creek in a deep spot, for a quick cool down.

Calli was not impressed with yesterday's walk at all.  It was kind of like, well You dragged me out here in the pouring rain, YOU can get me through the creek.

Sorry for the shaky filming. Holding an umbrella in one hand, the camera steady in the other, and NOT fall in the mud was a bit of a struggle.
Can you hear the rain.  Sounds like a fire crackling in the background.
A bit past the creek, she got moving under her own power.

Today was just the opposite. Still really mild, and the sun came out and it was like a spring day.  I was down to capris and a t-shirt on the way back from our fast walk.  We try to do a half hour fast walk up the road with just Jake and Luna, to get our heart rates up and get some decent exercise.

Day 25 of Whole30 for me.  Larry is five days behind me.


  1. Oh my dawg! It's like foots of water
    Lily & Edward

  2. Calli did not look happy...poor girls she must need her own umbrella...tell Larry to work on that idea! You rain looked and sounded good to me the mud not so much:)


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