Monday, November 18, 2013

The Off Switch

We've just got back from a trip to Wyndson Cottage in Oliver.  We were only there for four nights, which is about all we can manage since we are still going to a farmers market every Sunday.  I've been a bad blogger lately.  Hopefully I can do better in the next little while.  Some posts may be a bit out of order.  Oh well, better than nothing I guess?!

Sometimes when we get talking to other dog owners the conversation turns to the border collie that their friend/brother/sister/other relative owned, and how the dog just never stopped, was on the go the whole time, and just never settled down.  That to me sounds like a dog that isn't getting enough mental or physical stimulation during the day, or has had no boundaries set and is allowed to do whatever the h#ll it wants.  Everyone likes a dog with an off switch.  Luna demonstrates it admirably:)


Sometimes she is willing to share


And they are laying on my $1.50 pet furniture protector cover thingy that I found at a thrift store (of course!).  
Just to clarify, we do have a few dog beds on the floor.  One big one for Calli at the end of that green loveseat in the bottom left corner.  Two small ones, one in between the loveseat and the chair, and another one in front of the little table between the two chairs, out of the picture on the left.  The house is too tiny to have multiple big dog beds laying around, so we caved in and allow Jake and Luna on the loveseat as well.  Besides, they just look too cute up there, and it keeps them from sprawling out on Calli's big bed.


  1. Sofas are much better than those floor beds

  2. Such cute pictures. I have to be the boss and take the toy away and do settle time or Ryker would never stop. He does get good exercise but he would carry and play indoor ball forever if allowed. They are like kids and you have to set the boundaries. Ryker has never liked a dog bed, we have tried several. It is the floor, the sofa or the snuggle bed downstairs. The snuggle bed is a queen bed in the guest room that is covered well and all the animals are allowed up there. We sprawl out there and watch TV, read and snuggle!

    1. Oh yeah, same with Jake, he would constantly be bothering us with a toy if we let him. There are no toys inside at Oliver, and no cats to keep Luna 'at the ready' either.

  3. Luna looks like she is sleeping so comfortably! I love hearing about your dogs. We miss our Labs so much!

  4. They look all comfy. I agree one days when we are traveling Chance is bored in the evenings. If we play ball three or four times a day outdoors and go for a ride in the late afternoon he is more settled in the evening and conks out much like Luna! I have covers on my furniture too. Chance has a dog bed but he never uses it:)


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