Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's begun

More berries.  It's blackberry season now.  It probably started a couple of weeks ago.  Last week we started picking in earnest.  So far we have picked 15 ice cream pails full.  Those are 4 litre or roughly 1 gallon pails.  About 5-6 lbs in each pail, depending on how ripe they are when we pick them. (If they are really ripe, they tend to squish down more in the bucket, so we can get more in)


My hands, which look in rough shape most of the summer, are even worse now.  I have to remember to scrub them with some lemon juice before I go out in public, to reduce, in particular, the staining under and around the nails.  I don't always remember:(  So then I am doing kind of weird things with my hands to try hide what looks like plain old dirt from the public eye.


We also pick some to take to the farmers markets.  We advertise them as 'not roadside', and people ask where we pick them.  I always tell them that if we didn't keep cutting the blackberries back each year, our ten acres would soon be just be one big blackberry patch.  As it is, the blackberries are slowly winning.

Only about 30 more buckets to go.


  1. Moms favorite berries. Yikes ...that is a hand of a hard worker.
    Benny & Lily

  2. Such berry bounty you have in your area! Yum.

  3. Man oh man....that's picking in earnest! LOL

  4. Oh I love Blackberries they are expensive here! $3.00 for about 6 ounces. Those are hard working hands never hide them:)

  5. When I was in Washington I learned not to pick the Roadside berries...I guess they spray them to kill the plants so they don't grow over the roads! I did not know that. Guess they are pretty invassive but very tasty!

    1. I think the only place they spray the plants here to kill them is sometimes along the railway tracks. They are mowed on the roadside. It's more a concern of the berries soaking up the exhaust fumes I think.


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