Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hidey Holes

This is a weeping Pussy Willow tree.  Only one or two branches ever weep pussy willows.  So even in the Spring it is nothing much to look at.


Luna doesn't care though.  It's perfect for her to dig a hole under and a good spot to hang out on a warm day, with it's view across the lawn towards the house, and the sheep and chickens are right behind her.


Our dogs have their favourite hidey holes where they like to hang out when it's warm, or they are warm, or they just want to be in a cool place.

Jakes, and sometimes Calli's, although they are never in there together, is in what used to be a garden with Astilbes.  I think the plants have been killed off, the ground is now hard packed.


 It is right next to the patio and the steps down to the door to the garage with it's fancy magnetic screen door. Nelson even pushed his way through that door today.  Calli mostly hangs around in the garage, hoping that the door to the basement will be open and unattended long enough for her to get in there and lay on her mat.  We are wise to her though, and don't let her in as much as she would like.  Figure there are many rainy winter days to come that she can hide away in there.  I'd rather she stay outside for at least some of the day while the weather is nice, where there is more mental and physical stimulation.  May I'm just mean.


  1. I would be under that tree for sure!

  2. Luna has a great spot. No doubt Jake watches you coming and going from his spottoo. Nelson figured out the screen door...way to go Nelson! Poor Callie like a senior citizen who just wants a comfy safe place to nap:)

  3. We love your hiding spots
    Benny & Lily

  4. Ha, Luna...your so cute under there! And congratulations to Nelson...your a big dog now...just kidding.

  5. Good spots to hide. Our cat is hanging out under the giant golden bleeding heart...well until I had to chop it down, now he goes out and looks around puzzled.


  6. I wish Yoko's favorite spot wasn't the HOLE she has dug in my back yard. :0(


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