Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winter Wonderland Wednesday

Just in case you were wondering if we had fallen off the edge of the earth, or had got buried in a snowdrift, or were running in circles and couldn't find our way out of the's a few pictures from this morning.


We've flirted with snow the last few days.  I drove home from White Rock on Sunday evening in a blizzard, which petered out to half strength after a few miles, and by the time I was half way home it had fizzled out completely, and there was nothing here.


There was a dusting of snow on the ground both Monday and Tuesday morning, but this morning there was a few inches, which has just about doubled itself in the last three or four hours.  The chickens were not impressed, and thankfully we cleaned out both the coops and the sheep barn yesterday, as they will be getting a lot of use if this keeps up.  Some of the bolder hens made the 50' dash to the sheep barn this morning, but they'll probably lay their eggs in there, because the snow is now deeper and they won't want to make their way back.


The dogs enjoy it of course, although it's quite a workout for Calli, as the snow impedes her back legs, and she has to drag them through it.


Lovely to look at, but the novelty will wear off fast.  We are right around the freezing mark, so the snow is great for snowmen and snowballs, but not so great for driving in.


For once Luna's undercarriage won't be covered in mud, yay!





The hen from the south chicken coop that  usually flies over the fence and heads to the right down that row of evergreens, and lays an egg in the open on some dirt, wouldn't have been too pleased this morning.  Hopefully she will be forced to lay her egg on some dry hay in a cosy nest box.  Poor thing!:)


And speaking of malls, I haven't even ventured there yet this shopping season.  Probably haven't been there since last year.  Maybe tomorrow:)


  1. You did get buried in a snow drift! I'll be lookin' for your snowman pictures.
    We are back to sub-zero temperatures again :(
    No mall shopping here, I'm not a big fan of shopping and did most of mine on line again this year.
    Our dogs are so child like in the snow. I just love their enthusiasm!

  2. Beautiful photos ! Send some here please Miggs and I want snow to play in and I want to take my winter wonderland photos again . We used to get snow like that years ago but the climate has changed here so much now ! We have gloomy cold rain on and off . Stay cozy and safe and have a good day !

  3. You got snow! You have way more than us!! Lucky you! The Border Collies look like they are having a blast! I hear you on the no mud do they get their bellies so dirty anyway. Good luck with that shopping..:)

  4. All photos arebeautiful, but the first and last photo are AMAZING and frame worthy! Not that I want to drive in that, but I'm jealous anyway. We have had only a dusting.

  5. I love your photos and critter stories!!


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