Thursday, December 6, 2012

Amusing Themselves

Our dogs aren't particularly great at amusing themselves.  That's probably a good thing, because quite often when dogs decides to amuse themselves, it's generally not something you really want them doing.  You know, running the fence line to bark at people and other dogs going by, harassing livestock, digging holes in the lawn or garden, chewing up something that was not meant to be chewed.  If you have a good relationship with your dog, they generally want to be where you are.

So the other day after our bush walk we stopped at the hay field and played fetch with Jake and kicked the soccer ball for Luna.  Calli wandered out and started hunting, which involves snuffling down mole and vole holes, and maybe doing a bit of digging.  It wasn't raining and was mild, which this time of the year means it's a great day, so when we went inside, we left the dogs out.  This time of year they spend a lot of time drying out in the basement, so it's nice if they can spend a morning outside.

I was doing a mega jam making session for the last big market of the year, and I got a kick looking out of the kitchen window, watching the dogs entertaining themselves out in the field.

Jake decided to join Calli in the hunt.  I realized after that Luna had taken the opportunity of the gate being open, to head out to the horse shed and clean up what Pride had spilled from his breakfast.  I try to feed them a grain free diet, and they do their damndest to eat what grain they can.


Jake, I heard that China is down there somewhere.  Do you see it yet?


Before too much longer, Calli had had enough, came back to the house and started barking at the front door to be let in to her mat in the basement.


Jake stuck it out for a while longer, and as he was coming out of the field, Luna appeared, and they both started walking towards each other in that funny way dogs do when they are about to play.  Jake grabbed a toy and they chased each other for a bit.


So then Jake told Luna about a possible trip to China, and they both went back out to the other side of the hay field.  Luna wasn't too interested in hunting though.  She did catch a whiff of something interesting blowing on the wind from the south.


I've got your back if you've got mine


I'll keep watch, you keep digging.


Jake, I think I see something happening back at the house


You're right, we're outta here, let's go!


And that was the end of that, but it had kept me entertained for an hour or more, dashing to the window with the camera on 20x zoom, trying to capture the essence of the dog's morning.

Yes, there are a few holes in the hayfield now.  There are so many mole hills that when we harrow the field, those hills should fill in those holes.  Unfortunately I don't think a mole or vole was hurt in the shooting of this adventure, although I did see Jake jump back one time like something had nipped at HIM!


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  2. I love when I am on the computer, I can look out in the yard and watch the dogs at play or whatever they might be doing. Yoko is my digger. Thus far, she hasn't enticed any of the others to join her. Thank Goodness!

  3. What fun entertainment, very funny. I can't see Ryker very well without running from window to window but when I do it's a hoot to watch him sniffing around and checking things out. He would probably have a lot more fun with another dog to play with. My dear husband does not agree :(

  4. You are still green is always fun to watch dogs at play:)


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