Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's Just Perfect

We are having the perfect Fall weather right now.
Sunday night we got a bit of rain.  Luna's dog dish/unofficial rain gauge showed about half an inch. 
You know that old saying about not killing a spider, because it will make it rain. 
See the dead spider in her dish?  It's that round blob in the bottom left quadrant.
Which do you think came first...the rain, or the dead spider?

We got enough rain to give everything a bit of a water.  Enough to top up the deep watering I did the week before.
Just enough water to keep the arugula growing.  Boy that stuff grows fast, I'll be taking the first cuts off it to the market in a week.
The weeds grow even faster though.

The kind of weather were the ground fog/meadow mist is the thickest before the sun comes up.

And then the sun comes up and it all burns off quickly.  
Huh, I didn't even notice that the clothesline was in the picture, I was in too much of a rush, going from window to window to try and get the rising sun and sun beams and Pride all in the same shot.

And then a couple of hours later we are out picking blackberries, AGAIN.  
I think we just about have enough buckets for the year, but it's hard to pass them up when they are big and plump. 
Needless to say, these ones didn't get picked.  It's hard to see, but there's a big fat spider in the middle of that web, and there was a crane fly, all parceled up and still struggling on the lower left.  
The spiders don't bother me, I just try to avoid destroying their webs when I can.  There are so many of them this time of the year.  It fascinates me that a spider can build a web across the middle of a wide trail.  Okay, I finally Googled it, and the here's a pretty good explanation on how it all comes about.

And while we are blackberry picking, we can find a bit of time to toss a toy.  Although usually Luna and Calli are busy picking their own berries.

And this great weather is going to continue for another week at least.
Gotta love it!
I think Mother Nature's making it up to us for what we didn't get earlier.


  1. Oh yeah, the quicktime view of the web building was very cool. I now have a new found respect for spiders!
    We have also been enjoying some cool but sunny weather but just learned that another big storm front is headed our way. They say to expect winds up to 100 mph over the weekend. Time to batten down the hatches!


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