Friday, July 8, 2011

Prettier Than the Bugs

Took a wander through the cutting garden this evening, and was surprised to see that there was a lily blooming.  Kind of interesting to look at it from this angle....two triangles of petals, one on top of the other, facing different directions.

I like the way this turned out.  Almost looks like I used the flash, but it is the evening sun still shining on it, while the garden behind has become shaded.
It's either a gaillardia or a rudbeckia.  I just put it in this year, and forgot to check the tag, if there is one, when I took the shot.  The flower is quite large, 3- 4" across.

Maybe not so lovely, but nice to see all the same.  There will be lots of broccoli to take to Sunday's market.  That head is about 5" wide.


  1. Looks like someone splattered red paint on the lilly :0)

  2. Lilies are just so reliable. So many to choose from.

  3. I'm looking forward to a chunk of that dewy broccoli!

  4. That is an awesome lily!! So very unusual..I have not seen one like that before.
    The other flower is indeed a Gaillardia I think it is the one called Burgundy. A beautiful little flower too..I have a few in my wild gardens:)

  5. Far Side, you are right, I just went out and checked the tag. Small it isn't though. The flower was nearly 3' tall and 4" across.


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