Monday, July 18, 2011

Catching Up From the Weekend

Saturday's photo.

I was inundated (sorry Connie, couldn't resist):) with broccoli this weekend, so there was lots to take to the market.  This was for Sunday's market, picked Saturday night.  Ideally I'd like to pick everything the morning of, but there just isn't enough time to pick everything.  For Saturdays' market I took the really, really big heads.  Since I don't have an approved scale to weigh them at the market, I tried to have the broccoli all close to the same amount and then just charge a set price.  I do that with everything.  It makes for more prep time before the market, but you can deal with customers faster when you are there.

Sunday's photo

After doing two farmers markets on the weekend, and all the prep and picking that goes along with it, then visiting our mothers after Sunday's market, all we want to do is just come home and crash. 
No such luck.
 The last three Sunday's I've brought strawberries home.  Sometimes other vendors will give you a deal at the end of the day if they have ripe fruit left over that they don't really want.  So yesterday we came home with 40+ pounds of very ripe strawberries that needed dealing with immediately.  They sure don't look like much once they are all hulled and packed into bags.  There's 4-5 solid cups of strawberries in each bag.  There's about 10 lbs of cherries sitting in the fridge that need pitting next. Volunteers?

And along with all that fruit comes the inevitable fruit flies.  I'm trying to keep them down to a dull roar in here, so keep the vacuum handy, and suck them down when I see them sitting still.   Luna 'loves' the vacuum, and every time I touch it there is the mad scrabbling of dog nails on the floor as she charges from where ever she is in the house, to wherever the vacuum is.
Here she is, looking slightly demented this morning, while she watches the little suckers get sucked in.
No, she wasn't in mid lick here.  When she's concentrating hard on something else, her tongue has a mind of it's own.


  1. I LOVE broccoli and strawberries and Luna and Kilt with the vacuum would be a riot. Kilt lives for the vacuum! Such knucklebrains.

  2. Ryker hates the vacuum, he attacks it every chance he gets. He hates flying bugs and will chase them around the house snapping at them! He is such a hoot!

  3. Boy does that stuff look nice,fresh and yumme
    Benny & Lily

  4. Oops, spelling mistake in the title, now corrected:)

  5. That hungry dog photo is just too cute.

  6. Better with broccoli than bats! Those Strawberries look great..I am allergic..I used to eat them all summer on my toast in the morning. You are a busy lady:)


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