Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beer and Blood Meal

July 5 

So the next morning after putting out a half dozen or so little containers of beer near the dahlias, these three slugs were the total catch.  These had been sitting out in the sun all day, so most of the beer had evaporated, and the slugs are well and truly pickled, and really really gross.

This poor plant has been struggling to get ahead of the slugs, so now at least it has a chance.

I left the empty beer can out there too. If you've ever picked up beer cans along the roadside in the summer, inevitably they have slugs in them.

There are a couple of the dahlias that are close to blooming.  These are ones that I started in pots in the greenhouse, in a slug free zone.

I also sprinkled some blood meal on the blueberry plants.  They are finally looking decent, and I don't want the deer to stop in and eat that new growth.
Luna's just hoping that I'm going to start that rototiller.

The blackberries are blooming now.  That's a good thing.  I sold my last jar of blackberry jam last weekend.  The sooner this year's crop is ripe, the better.

I should be picking the red currants any day now.
I've got a customer waiting for a case of red currant jelly.

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  1. Dig down and put the containers level with the ground..I bet you catch more! :)


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