Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Doggy Day at the Market

July 3

 Both farmers markets that we attend are happy to see you bring your dog to the market, and there are lots of them that come.  At the White Rock market there is a special day for the dogs.
Last Sunday on one of the grassy areas, there was a little ring roped off, and various classes that you could enter.  You know, really important ones like biggest dog, smallest dog, best trick, oldest dog, dogs that didn't win any other class....

You might have seen this Shar Pei puppy in my 365 blog, the previous Sunday.  I did a little reading about them.  They are fairly new to North America, and of course it didn't take long for the breeders here to create dogs with even more wrinkles.  What on earth for?  There's lots of Shar Pei info here if you're interested.
I sure hope this puppy grows into his looks like he can barely see.

*What that some kind of baby hippo?*

That baby hippo won the smallest dog class.
Now if there had been a 'So ugly that it's cute class'......
See that braided tug toy with the ball, it was part of the first place prize package.
I made those:)

There were a few kids in the 'Best Trick' class.  Jake won this class a few years running, so I retired him while he was at the top.
Ya know, can't hog the prize every year:)

This chocolate lab was my favourite dog there.  Nice compact size, great personality... just lovely looking

Don't know what was with that dangly collar though, looks like a good spot to get a foot caught.

Then there were these two lovely grande dames.

Layla won the oldest dog, she is 16

And here's Milly.  She's 12.  She's been coming to the market for a lot of years.

Here they are stepping out in their class.

The Duck Tollers didn't enter the ring, but where happy to give the others lot of vocal encouragement.

But here's one of the best dogs of all

And this one too.  Thanks to Meredith for these shots.  Poor Jake missed out.

And have I ever told you that one of my pet peeves are pudgy pooches?
Ugh.  There were a few of those there.

Here's Porky Pig Pug.

Two Great Dane pups for sale.
Only $1000 a pop, I mean pup.
A quality breeder I'm sure.  
Don't all quality breeders try to flog their pups at farmers markets?

Dogs, Shmogs....
What about having a cat show?


  1. Just found your blog and love it!
    The pug is rather

  2. That's great the owners of the Shar Pei are getting it out to socialize while he's a baby. They can become a big problem if not socialized, much like Chows - they were bred to be stand-offish and protective so if they don't learn young they can be a real pain when they get older and need to meet new people.


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