Monday, July 11, 2011

Drinking Fountain....

...for a scruffy little sparrow, that really is not in focus.
This was taken with a little Canon point and shoot that I had bought for my Mum. I looked at cameras on the internet, and then David took my mum to buy to buy it.  It was only when I saw it later I realized it had no viewfinder.  When you are used to a view finder, and now can only depend on the screen on the back of the camera, well it ain't easy.  I find that looking at the screen really requires me to have my reading glasses on, as it is about that same distance away as a book, and to put the glass on just isn't convenient most of the time. Add to that the fact that in bright light I can barely make out what is on the screen anyway,  so I'm lucky if I can actually get the subject within the frame.  I've been carrying that little camera in my purse just lately.
When I visited my mum at the hospital this afternoon, I took her for a bumpy ride around the block.
Did you ever chant when you were a kid....
'Step on a crack, break my mother's back'
The wheelchair ride over the joints in the sidewalk just fit right in with that verse.
 We ended up in a little park/sitting area just outside the hospital.  There is this fountain, which pours into a pool.  I think for a minimum donation, probably to support a hospital expansion, you could get something engraved on a tile.  There are a lot of tiles.

So my mum still has no use of her left arm.  She has some movement in her left leg, but it's not strong enough to support her.  She spends her day in a wheelchair, shuffling herself around the ward, having quite the social time with the other patients. She gets therapy during the week, and there is talk of her perhaps being transferred to another hospital where they do more intense therapy.  She needs to be able to do 2-3 hours of therapy a day.  I'm not sure that she will meet their criteria.  It's just one day at a time.


  1. What a lovely site for you and your Mom on your outdoor excursion. Great photo with your point and shoot! :) Sending healing thoughts to your Mom.

    The Roo Family

  2. It's irritating to me that ALL have done away with pocket digital view finders. I wish I had purchased a few back-ups a couple of years ago!

  3. Well, It sounds like your mom is keeping her spirits up. That is half the battle.
    Hope she can gain enough strength to make it into the intensive therapy program.
    My thoughts are with you both.

  4. Sometimes it takes a long time to come back after a is good that she gets out and about with other people. Yes I used to sing that little song whilst hopping over cracks:)


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