Tuesday, July 27, 2010


 I was at the doctors this morning.  He asked me if I had stress in my life.  I said that everyone has stress of some sort or another.  He asked me if I had any new stress in my life, and I said no.

Too bad my appointment hadn't been tomorrow.  I think my answer would have been different.

My 22 year old son bought this tonight:(

1983 Honda CX650E.
82500 kms; Liquid cooled, shaft drive; great bike, runs well, good condition. This is a very rare bike and is eligible for collector plates. Comes with Krauser sadllebags and new mufflers – never installed, new battery, good tires - lots of tread. $2,500 obo


  1. Ohhhhhh boy.
    That bike was built the year my little brother was born. For some reason that makes me feel old.

    I'm always wrestling with the idea of getting a motorcycle, but it always comes back to the fact that my dogs can't ride with me so I decide it's not worth it. That, and I don't like all the noise. (It's why I don't really get too excited about snowmobiling either - Give me a dog team any day... no need for such machines.)

  2. I can understand your anxiety. My hubby used to ride these. I made him give it up if he wanted us to have kids, which he did. :)


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